Principal’s Bulletin

I would also like to announce the appointment of Georgia Welch to our teaching staff. Georgia will be coming to us from Western Australia. The panel were impressed by her knowledge and considered responses.  We look forward to her stepping into Mrs Renfrey’s role and meeting her when she attends the school to team teach with Mrs Renfrey in the last week of term.
The Arts Curriculum
The Arts is an important part of the students experience at BHPS. We are fortunate to have Mr Phillips on staff who is highly skilled in both visual and performing arts. This year we are having a break from the formal classroom music program and focussing more  on Drama and acting as part of the program see below from Mr Phillips:

” This year the school is engaging in a performing arts program.  Each term a group of students will be learning about theatre through games and exercises. They will also be working towards a performance within that term to showcase their new skills. The grade 3 students are already well into preparing their puppet show performance at the Festival of the Sea on Saturday the 14th of March, 4:30.

In term 2 it will be the grade 6’s turn as they explore film making and acting.  Foundation students and those in grades 1 and 2 will be looking at bringing their favourite storybooks to life in term three. In the final term the grade 4/5’s are going to create some Potteresque magic!”

I cant wait for the culminating activities each term that parents will be able to attend to see the students shine and for some get out of their comfort zone and perform.

Please remember to check the Compass and Website Calendars for events and keep up with your Compass Posts. an important posts about Reporting at BHPS will be sent out before Thursday to keep you updated about a new initiative adding value to the parent community understanding their child’s learning and strategies used at the school.

Remember that Monday 9th is a Public Holiday and school will be closed!