At Barwon Heads Primary School we are committed to educating our students about the importance of sustainability, through a range of classroom curriculum, working with our local community members and getting hands on to improve our local area and the world.

Landcare Australia

Recently we were lucky enough to win a Landcare Australia grant. Grade 2 students were part of a major re-vegetation project on the south side of the school. They planted over 250 indigenous plants including trees such as drooping sheoaks, shrubs including Coast Beard Heath and Sticky Daisy Bush, grasses and ground covers including Bidgee Widgee and Running Postman. Students have been learning about the importance of plants in our world and how to plant and take care of them. We would like to thank all the amazing parents and community members that helped out on the day. We would also like to show appreciation to Queenscliff Indigenous Nursery and the Bellarine Landcare Nursery for all the advice and help they have provided. They are a fantastic resource and are really worth supporting.

Also a very big thank you to Landcare Australia, for their support in this project!

And finally we would like to thank,

Momentum Energy

The sponsorship we received from Momentum Energy made this all possible.




Self seeded Lettuce Freckles en mass.
Donated poppy seedlings (thanks Mary McNamara) great and very important for pollination
Broccoli beginning to head.
Aphid problem on one brassica. If you look closely, you will see a parasitic wasp, this is where it gets interesting! The wasp comes in pokes a whole in the back of the aphid, lays eggs, mummifies it and when the new wasps emerge, they gobble up the thrip = problem solved. The four brown things are the mummified thrip.
Three very busy worm farms and two active compost bins, looking after classroom and office waste.