All students are allocated a house when they arrive at Barwon Heads Primary School. This is a simple equation as to how many male or female students numbers are required to keep a good balance within each house. Of course, all students that have siblings at the school will automatically go into the same house.

At the end of each year an expression of interest is put out to students asking for self -nomination to be House Captains. This often sees many students put themselves up to represent the students within their houses, and they prepare a short speech about themselves and how they would like to do that. The students are then evaluated both by their fellow students and staff including the leadership team before votes are taken and positions allocated. It is a highly sought after position here at Barwon Heads Primary School and hotly contested.

House points are awarded throughout the year for things like responsible play in the yard, friendship initiatives, sporting achievements and environmental responsibility. Points are then tallied each week, term and a grand total at the end of the year.