Student Leadership

Student Leadership is a key feature of a child’s development of our school.

There are formal Leadership Roles for students across all years of schooling:

School Captaincy

House Captaincy

Performing Arts Leaders

Peer Mediation

Environmental leaders

Committees and Groups e.g Graduation Committee, Enviro Club, Sports Club, Writing group, Library helpers…………..

The Compass Award will be delivered to all year 6 students who will take part in this precursor to the Duke of Edinburgh Award to build their individual capacity to lead and have a positive impact on themselves, their peers and the broader community.


Having high expectations is the norm for the BHPS community. As a school we strive to do our very best in all areas of the school.

Most importantly we have high expectations of our students! We expect that they use the 24 Character Strengths we promote at our school in all of their learning and social interactions.

Celebrating when our students reach or exceed our expectations and address issues when the expectations are not being met is important and will be communicated accordingly. I encourage all community members to openly communicate any queries, concerns or positive feedback regarding student expectations

Below is a link to the policies page where you can access the Student Engagement, Attendance, bullying and Harassment, Homework and uniform policies. You will also find further policies that link to the expectations of our students.

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