Fresh Meal Fairy is a family ran business who proudly provides freshly made school lunches to schools in the Geelong and Bellarine area.  They currently service 20 local schools, with a varied lunch menu.   

Fresh Meal Fairy uses an App called Schools24. Please see below for a guideline on how to download and register your family.

Please see below important information when ordering your child’s lunch order from the Fresh Meal Fairy.
1. Ensure your child is allocated to their correct class not Test class or None. 
2. Ensure you receive an email confirmation after you have placed your order.  If a confirmation is not received, there has been an error when placing the order.
3. Ensure you place the order before the cut off time and for the correct date of the lunch order day. Thursday evening 9pm
4. If paying by credit card, please ensure the cvc number is correct.  The payment will bounce back if incorrect ad the order will not be placed.

Our team does its utmost to ensure all orders are correct, however sometimes items can be missed.  Can you please let your children know that should they be missing something from their order, they are to go back to the canteen staff who can assist your children with a replacement item.

These few checks will ensure the system and placement of the order is placed correctly and your child received the correct lunch order.

If you have placed a lunch order for your child and they are unwell on the day of the order, please contact School 24 on 02 7251 6939 before 9:30am and the order will be allocated to the following week.  Unfortunately, if School 24 is not contacted by this time, it is too late to remove the order from the list.