Along with students and teachers, parents have a pivotal part to play in the success of a school community.

In this section of our website you will discover important information that will assist you as a parent at our school. I encourage all parents to communicate with their child’s teacher or the leadership team, including the principal if they need to discuss matters related to their child’s experience at school.

Being directly involved with the school can take many shapes and forms for parents but we encourage you to be as engaged in your child’s learning as much as possible. This doesn’t mean sit with them every minute of their time doing homework, but acknowledging their strengths and positive experiences about school. Let  them know that you will always support them and the school if they are having a difficult patch with their learning or friendships. As a school we encourage a team approach in solving problems and parents have a crucial role to play in working closely with the school.

We are grateful that parents/guardians send their children to BHPS and look forward to supporting families in helping their child have a positive and productive experience at school.