School Community

Building community partnerships is a key element of the School Strategic Plan and as a school we value the strong connection we have to each other and those around us.

The school is a corner stone of the township who access our facility through the Community Library, use of the gymnasium and oval by sporting clubs like the Barwon Heads Seagulls Basketball Club, Barwon Heads Football and Netball Club as well as the soccer and cricket clubs.

Our curriculum is closely linked to our environment and groups like the Barwon Estuary Project who work with our students directly to learn about our surrounds.

We have strong connections to the Barwon Heads Community Bank who are strong supporters of our school as is the Barwon Heads Golf Club who support our school by maintaining our oval.

Numerous Opportunities to connect to the school exist for parents and organisations. For parents it can be as simple as helping in your child’s classroom or going on an excursion as a helper or taking on a formal role as a Parent Partner, School Councillor, Presenting to the School Community about your area of expertise.

Most of all we want all students and their families to feel a sense of belonging to our school, communicate when you need help or want us to know when things at our school have impressed you. Take pride in our facilities and use them on the holidays and on weekends, care for each member of our school and treat them with respect at all times.