Partners and Sponsors

Barwon Heads Golf Club

I would like to thank the Barwon Heads Golf Club, a strong supporter of our students and school, for creating this genuine partnership.

To The School Community,

Congratulations on your involvement in what was an outstanding Barwon Heads Primary School Annual Golf Day.

The golf day has assisted us in raising funds that will enhance the School Garden Program ensuring that we maximise the collection and distribution of rain water to our vegetable gardens.

Apart from the fundraising the Golf Day benefits our community bringing many people together to connect socially and in some cases competitively! The opportunity for our families and students to spend some time on the main course, par 3 and clubhouse is greatly appreciated and again I would like to thank the club, the committee and members for supporting our students and school.

Barwon Estuary Project

Grade 5C had a fantastic morning with Margaret Griffith from the Barwon Estuary Project.

We spent some time noticing different plants, choosing ones to sketch and write about. Back in the classroom, Margaret read Jeannie Baker’s book Circle, about migratory birds and the “ancient invisible pathway” they follow each year. We will use this to plan our writing for next year’s school diary.

Thanks for some wonderful inspiration, Margaret!

Barwon Heads Community Bank (Bendigo Bank)

The School and broader community has a great deal to thank the Barwon Heads Community Bank for!

As an organisation it lives a community mindedness that brings out the best in other organisations to achieve their vision via in kind and very generous financial support.

The school has been a major beneficiary of this generosity and support with the bank supporting many projects at the school.

Of particular note though, the outcome of the Legacy Project launched by the bank resulting in the BHPS receiving a Solar Power System worth nearly $70,000. This initiative will enable the school to save on its energy bills and support other sustainability projects around the school that will hopefully benefit the broader community.

Added to this the bank has supported our partnership with the Barwon Estuary Project and the compilation of our Student Diary.  The diary showcases student work that connects directly to the estuary that is the centre piece of Barwon Heads as well as other elements of our school including the Positive Education Philosophy that we live by.

We encourage all community members to connect with the Bank and their products with the knowledge that a significant amount of what goes into the bank translates to something positive for the community connected to our school.

Thank you

All Saints Anglican Church Opportunity Shop.