Blog Post 6/12/19

To The School Community,

Firstly I would like to congratulate the students at our school for continuing to impress me with the learning that they do.

This week it has been a pleasure to be a participant in the many culminating activities that have occurred highlighting the learning that has taken place this week including:
Year 3/4 Picture Story Books – A comprehensive catalogue of stories contributed to by each student. The standard was first rate highlighting how talented our students are as well as being well supported by their teachers.

Prep Writing – the growth demonstrated by our Prep students is impressive to say the least. Sharing their writing with their families and friends highlighted the skill they have developed with the writing model in place at our school delivered expertly by the teaching staff.

Year 5/6 Expo was a highlight for me with the students developing through the writing and Inquiry process characters and story-lines that reflected immigration in Australia. The range of ideas, artefacts and use of technology to present their learning was impressive.

Year 1/2 combined their writing event with a family picnic. Like our other students the growth they have exhibited is a credit to their engagement and learning as well as the teacher’s planning and delivery of strategies to teach and motivate them.


Finally a reminder that TODAY is the School Fair – we hope to see you all there for the opening ceremony at 5.00pm.  We are fortunate to be having a smoking ceremony to acknowledge the traditional owners of our land as well as the other fun at the fair.

Whole School Assembly will be at 9:15am  –  today  Friday  6/12/2019

Important Dates:
Please check the Compass Calendar for any updates
Friday 6/12/2019      School Xmas Fair  –  5.00pm – 9.00pm 
Please note:  (Ride Wristbands can be collected from 4.45pm)

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