Blog Post 29/11/2019

Travel To and From School
I wanted to mention a few points about travel to and from school.
Firstly – only students who have completed Bike Ed Year 3 and up are allowed to ride to school independently.Secondly –  When leaving the school grounds students must walk their bikes, boards and scooters to the designated markers. Thompson Drive, Clifford Parade and crossing the road to Von Nida then getting on their bikes.

Lastly – a reminder to ask your children to lock up their bikes with bike locks at all times. Unfortunately there have been some mix ups with bikes, where children have taken the incorrect bikes and in two cases bikes have gone missing. We want to avoid this occurring and ask the students to be responsible for their belongings.

Daniel Vella
Important Dates:
Monday  2/12 – 12/12                            P-2  Swimming
Wednesday 4/12                                   Grade 3/4 Picture Story Book Launch
Friday  6/12                                           School Xmas Fair (5.00pm  –  9.00pm)
Tuesday 10/12                                       9.15am – 10.45am:   Prep(2020) Transition
Thursday 12/12                                    Wizard of Oz (11.30am)
Friday  13/12                                        Whole School Assembly (3.00pm)
Tuesday 17/12                                     Grade 6 Graduation (5.00pm)
Wednesday 18/12                               Whole School Sports Day
                                                               Coffee Van on School Grounds (9.00am – 1.00pm)
Thursday 19/12                                   Grade 6 Adventure Park
Friday 20/12(last Day Term 4)         9.15amWhole School Assembly
                                                                 Student Early Finish  –  1.30pm

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