Blog Post 23/11/2019

Dear School Community,

RE: Class Placements Process and Parent Requests

This year we received over 100 requests from parents regarding their preferences for class compositions and teachers.

As a school we make every effort to ensure that classes are constructed to maximise students’ wellbeing and learning opportunities. Teachers engage in a careful and considered process of matching students in each class. Transition days are an important part of this process, and classes are modified in response to observed group dynamics.

The school encourages proactive dialogue between teachers and parents, and tries to create an environment in which parents can openly shares their ideas and concerns. However, the extremely high number of requests from parents regarding class compositions and preferred teachers has placed an excessive burden on our school staff.

In light of this, please review and understand the following guidelines before contacting the school regarding class compositions.

It is appropriate to contact the school about your child’s class or teacher allocation when:

  1. Your child’s medical condition, syndrome and/or disability needs to be discussed
  2. New and important information about your child’s learning needs has become apparent
  3. Unhealthy relationships exist between students that substantially and evidently affects your child’s learning
  4. Extenuating circumstances at hand, for example, a Family Court Order is in place

It is NOT appropriate to contact the school about your child’s class or teacher allocation:

  1. To request your child is placed with their friends
  2. To request your child is not placed with someone (unless unhealthy relationships exist that substantially and evidently affects your child’s learning, in nearly all cases the school would recognise this already)
  3. To request a particular teacher
  4. To request not to have a particular teacher

We discussed this issue at our School Council meeting this week. We decided it was important to reinforce information already circulated regarding the process for allocating students to classes and to communicate appropriate circumstances for contacting the school. As a school community, we need to strike a healthy balance between advocating for our children, while trusting our teachers to expertly develop class compositions and teaching teams that best meet our students’ needs.

Yours sincerely,
Daniel Vella, & Stephen Gill ( President)  & Jane Price ( Vice President) on behalf of the School Council

Important Dates:

Friday 22/11/19                       3.10 pm  (whole school assembly)

Monday 25/11/19                   2.30 pm  Grade 3 Bike Ed

Wednesday 27/11/19            2.30 pm – 3.15 pm   Prep Transition (2020)

Thursday   28/11/19             3.30 pm  Prep Dinner

Monday 2/12/19 – 12/12/19   P-2 Swimming

Wednesday 4/12/19            2.30 pm  Grade 3/4 Picture Story Book Launch

Friday 6/12/19                     5.00 pm – 9.00 pm – Annual Christmas School Fair

Tuesday 10/12/19                9.15 am – 10.45 am – Prep Transition (2020)

Thursday 12/12/19             11.30 am  – Wizard of Oz

Friday 13/12/19                   3.10 pm  Whole School Assembly

Wednesday 18/12/19         9.00 am  –  1.30 pm – School Sports Day

9.00 am -12.30 pm Coffee Van on School Grounds for Sports Day

Thursday 19/12/19            9.00 am   Grade 6 Adventure Park

Friday 20/12/19                 9.15 am  Whole School Assembly

1.30 pm   Students Early Finish Last Day Term 4







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