Blog Post 13/11/19

To The School Community,

In between Bulletins I have had the privilege of attending the Year 5 Camp at Cave Hill Creek  (near Beaufort). BHPS has had a long association with this camp and we continue to be impressed by the program delivered.
Our students made the most of the opportunities presented taking on new challenges like abseiling, climbing a giant ladder, and many team building and cooperative challenges.
I would like to congratulate the students on their high levels of engagement and consistent use of Positive Emotions, Mindfulness and Relationship Building. There were dozens of acknowledgements throughout the camp where students and staff recognised each other’s character strengths.  Thank you to the staff who attended to support the students during a wonderful few days.

School Review
Last week we launched into the review process kicking off with the Validation Day. With an 11 person panel, including Stephen Gill ( School Council President), 2 Principals from other schools, Sandra Woodman (School Improvement Executive for the SWVR) as well as Robyn, Rachael and myself.  After a full day of discussion, observation and analysis, the terms of reference below will be explored further on our Field Work Days during the next fortnight.
1. To what extent are the instructional models in writing and numeracy embedded in the school?
2. To what extent has student learner voice and agency been activated to empower students to be partners in their own learning to increase engagement.
3. To what extent do teachers scaffold and differentiate challenging learning tasks to enable students to achieve learning at a point of need?
I look forward to sharing more about our review and development of a new strategic plan.

Transition Sessions
This Wednesday we will hold our first of three transition sessions for all students, where they will experience the beginning of new year levels. During the three sessions teachers will plan activities based around the PERMA (starfish) model and Character Strengths and build towards finalising groupings and teachers for the last session.

A reminder that building class lists and allocating teachers is a carefully thought out process that we put considerable time into. Some parents make requests to have particular students or teachers, this can be challenging when there are conflicting requests or limited grades to place students into. In the end, as principal, I make the final decision after a carefully thought out process involving all staff and ask that this be respected and supported by all parents.

Working Bee
There will be a working be held on Sunday 1st December from 10.00am  –  1.00pm.   We hope to see many families attend to get some much needed gardening and painting done.

Enjoy the rest of the week!

Important Dates:

13/11               2020 Preps Transition (2.30pm – 3.20pm)

14/11               School Dental Van (9.00am)

22/11               Whole School Assembly (3.00pm)

27/11               2020 Preps Transition (2.30pm – 3.20pm)

28/11               Prep Dinner

2/12 – 12/12    P-2 Swimming

6/12                 School Xmas Fair (5.00pm – 9.00pm)





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