Blog Post 11/10/19

To The School Community,
A short Bulletin to share with you the happenings at school this week.

The year 1/2 and 3/4 students participated in an immersion activity to spark their literacy learning for this term. Being part of the audience for the live show “Hercules” gave the students an opportunity to further explore the character strengths linked to our Pos Ed “PERMA” ( Positive Emotions, Engagement, Mindfulness, Relationships and Accomplishment) model.

Added to this the students were immersed in the elements of the production, particularly how a script turns into a show and some of the skills used by actors. They will use some of this knowledge during reading and writing this term by using the Reader’s Theatre strategy as well as learning how to create their own scripts during writing.

Soil Remediation
Thank you for your patience with the soil remediation works throughout this year. During the year we have resolved a number of issues with the support of the DET:
1. Extensive testing of the site for any issues related to the presence of dieldrin found to be clear.
2. Via the same testing and report findings remediation  of soils with Asbestos and lead contaminants. This has been remediated and cleared during the school holidays with the area at the back of the school now cleared and approved for access by Environmental Health Solutions and the Victorian School Building Authority.

Barwon Heads Traffic Committee
As principal of our school I am often engaged in discussions and meetings with community groups. One of these groups is a Traffic sub-committee of the Barwon Heads Association (BHA) . Through this I have had the opportunity to share the continued challenges for our school community in relation to traffic, pick ups, drop offs and safety for our students travelling to and from school.

The COGG have implemented some strategies during this year which we are grateful for , including signage along Jasper Avenue, Reid St, Clifford Parade and Ozone. From today’s meeting I felt positive about the opportunities that were presented including consideration of safety at the APCO corner and crossing at Geelong Rd. There were many other ideas that will surface in the coming months that I will share when I receive confirmation.

IPAD Program 2020
Our school has been part of a BYOD program for a number of years.  It is important to make it clear that there is no longer a need for our students to purchase an IPAD or device for school.

Our 2020 year 5/6 students will be the last cohort to bring their own devices to school, and by 2022 all devices used at school will be owned and set up and managed by the school.

If you require further clarification about this please contact me directly.

I look forward to seeing you all at Assembly today, Friday 11/10/19 at 3.00pm

Important Dates:

Monday 14/10/19          YR4 Camp

Tuesday 15/10/19          YR4 Camp

Regional Athletics Day

Wednesday 16/10/19   Grade 6 Debating

Thursday 17/10/19       Grade 6 Graduation Photo

Monday 21/10/19          Grade 5/6 Cricket Blast

Wednesday 23/10/19    Geelong Cup (No School)



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