Blog Post 06/09/19

To The School Community, 

I hope that the week has been a positive and productive one for your children and families.

Firstly I would like to mention the wonderful students at our school. Daily there are highlights to share about their learning that continues to impress. One of the highlights for me each week is observing reading or writing sessions and how engaged the students are during this time. The strategies used in class support high levels of differentiation and a balance of independence and teacher guidance. I encourage all families, when you have the opportunity, to come in to be a parent helper and be part of a literacy block to understand further what happens at school.

Your contribution to this at home is to set up the opportunity and environment for reading. If it was every day that would be terrific but given our busy schedules 5 times per week would be great. Maximising the opportunity for independent reading at school and at home has many benefits. Below is a link to help you understand why independent reading is a part of our program.


For Parents of year 3 and 5 students, NAPLAN summaries are available at the office. The information about your child is also available to the school and will be used to plan future learning if the gaps highlighted in NAPLAN continue to exist as gaps for your child.


As mentioned last week we are modernising our school uniform and striving for greater consistency in what the students are wearing to school.

You can see some images on the school Facebook page or visit the foyer to share your thoughts about some of the design ideas. The items that will be available to the students will be:

1. Rugby Top

2. Soft Shell Jacket

3. Shorts

4. Track Pants

5 Short and Long Sleeve Polo Shirt

6. Summer and Winter School Dresses

7. Skorts

8. Beanies

9 School Hats and Bags

Our uniform will be provided exclusively by Fashion Club Wear with the aim all students will be in our full uniform by the 2022 school year.

Movie Night

Remember to book into our movie night for a chance to spend some time together. Aladdin will be screening on Friday 13th at school (possibly outside or in the gym) starting at 6 pm finishing at 8.

Indonesian Day

The students are in for an exciting day next Thursday when our Indonesian Cultural Day makes a return for the first time since 2017.

Bu Tabone has put together an exciting day for the students to add value to the excellent program that the students participate in.

Right Words Right Place

Unfortunately, we have noticed an increase in reports of swearing over the last few weeks. To combat this we will begin a series of sessions with our students highlighting the RIGHT WORDS RIGHT PLACE. This will become our catch cry when reminding students about appropriate language alongside sessions in class during our POS ED Lessons.

Enjoy the weekend – hope that your footy team wins, unless it’s Brisbane Lions.

Important Dates:

Tuesday 10th September – Divisional Athletics Day

Thursday 12th September – Indonesian Day

Friday 13th September – Whole School Assembly (3.00pm)

– Movie Night (Aladdin 6 – 8.30pm)



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