Blog Post 30/8/19

To The School Community,

It has been fantastic to end the week with the sun being out, sunny days always bring out the best in the students.

In this bulletin I would like to acknowledge the Barwon Heads Community Bank for their efforts in supporting many initiatives in Barwon Heads.
On Wednesday evening a group of students in partnership with Karen Weaver from “Clean Bellarine” presented to a large number of community members. The opportunity exists for up to $200,000 to deliver a legacy project.
A recent Facebook Post on our official Website explains that the students have a plan to add to the sustainability at the school via a solar program that will support the community, environmentally via sharing our stored power and using any saved funds to develop community wide sustainability initiatives that can be led by the school.

School Uniform
Due to the imminent closure of Coastal uniforms the School Council has completed a process to select a new uniform supplier.

We are pleased to announce that Fashion Club Wear will be our EXCLUSIVE supplier of uniform starting at the earliest possible time during term 4. We interviewed four Companies who were all suitable suppliers, but it was very clear that Fashion Club Wear had a significant point of difference with the bulk of the range available to us, being made in Melbourne Australia.

In the coming weeks we will be consulting with students about their view of what should be available in the range and finalise this at a School Council Level at the September Meeting.

There will be a graduated transition to the new uniform with the expectation that all students are in the new uniform for the 2022 school year.

Remember to check the Compass or Website calendars for upcoming events and important dates.

Enjoy the weekend and may the best footy teams win!

Important Dates:

Friday 30/08/19            Whole School Assembly (3.00pm)

Monday 02/09/19        Grade 1/2 Gymnastics Coaching (PE)

Tuesday 03/09/19        Grade 1/2 Gymnastics Coaching (PE)

Wednesday 04/09/19  Grade 6 Debate – Barwon Heads Primary (4.00pm)

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