Blog Post 23/08/19

To the School Community

Apologies for the delay in getting my Bulletin out to you, it has been a busy week.

Firstly a huge congratulations to the students for their participation in all of our Book Week activities. Reading is the activity that students participate most  in each day at school. As a community we need to encourage the love of reading as much as possible for our children. Reading stamina is the key especially for those moving through Secondary School and into tertiary studies.

The best part of book week is the parade and sense of fun that the students display. I am glad that there are many moments of fun for the students at our school, excursions, incursions, specialist subjects, playing at lunch time, games with their classes, camps and incidental moments of laughter that happen all of the time.

Today we have another opportunity for our students to experience something different – Peter and The Wolf– performed by the Geelong Symphony Orchestra. Classical musical is a sensory experience that students need to have the opportunity to participate in. It won’t be everyone’s cup of tea but for some I hope it sparks further interest.

You would have received access to your child’s GOALS and classroom teacher comments last week via Compass. Please take the time to look at them and if you’re having trouble viewing them please contact your child’s teacher or the office for assistance.

IMPORTANT 2020 Planning
In the lead up to the end of the term I will be planning for 2020 which includes numbers and class structure for the school year. Parents often like to remind us of things to consider when placing students in groupings for a new school year. Every year we provide an opportunity for correspondence from parents to help us make decisions for classes. All correspondence must be sent by the End of Term 3 – Friday 20th September.

In the next few weeks I will share with you the likely class structures for  2020 to keep you posted.  There is likely to be a mixture of Composite and straight classes based on the numbers of students and needs of particular cohorts of students.

I encourage you to attend Peter and the Wolf this afternoon  (Gold Coin for the Fine Music Society) arrive at 1:45pm for a 2:00pm start.   Parking will be tricky.

Important Dates: 

Friday 23/08/19        Peter And The Wolf

Monday 26/08/19     Grade 1/2 Gymnastic Coaching (PE)

Tuesday 27/08/19     Grade 1/2 Gymnastic Coaching (PE)

Friday 30/08/19       Whole School Assembly

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