Blog Post 16/08/19

To The School Community,

In my travels around the school I am always on the lookout for students who are demonstrating the Character Strengths and doing the best that they can during learning opportunities.

What has stood out for me across the board is the increased connection that the students have to their goals for reading writing and math.  As a school we have embedded goals setting into our structures with teachers supporting students at a point of need. This is a difficult thing to do and takes preparation, knowledge and organisation from the teachers and also engagement from the students.

The student’s connection to their goals is fostered through regular assessment, workshops and conferencing where teacher and student develop goals together. Most importantly the conferencing process enables an opportunity to build a teacher student relationship where learning is the focus.

2020 Planning
A reminder to all families that we are keen for all siblings starting Prep to be enrolled ASAP.   This is most important as having the information is crucial for planning.

Enrolments impact budgeting, staffing, class composition ( straight or composite) as well as decisions about physical spaces.

It will also be helpful to know if families are heading off to other schools. Thanks to families who have already let us know.

At this stage we have 490 students enrolled for 2020, this is likely to increase by the end of the year but likely to be less than this year’s Enrolment.

Unfortunately our year 3-6 athletics was cancelled due to inclement weather. Mrs Ferrari has been able to work her way through the classes to complete many events at school and will be putting a team together for the District competition.

Not all students will be able to attend this but Mrs Ferrari has tried to maximise the number of participants. I look forward hearing from the students after next week’s district event.

Thanks to Mr Wallis and some very helpful parents, Chess has made a resurgence at BHPS. with a group of year 5/6 students attending.

Each person played 7 rounds earning points for the school with Barwon Heads finishing third in the Primary School Section.

Some of the team will be heading to another tournament in the next few weeks and are currently practicing each week with Mr Wallis.

Reporting at BHPS
As a school we are confident that the reporting process and communication to parents about their child’s learning is thorough and goes above and beyond the standards set for our system.

This week you will be able to access your child’s goals via Compass.
When you log into your child’s page you will see an entry in the chronicle section with an attachment outlining previous and current goals.

This part of our reporting process is not a measurement of progression, but an opportunity to see the individual goals they have been working on.

Below is an outline of the Reporting Process to assist understanding.
We will use the same format for the remainder of the year with developments based on feedback actioned in the new year.

principal bulletin

Enjoy the rest of the week – Hopefully you can attend assembly. I will be an apology but the Captains and Robyn will be there to run the show.

Important Dates

Friday 16/8/19:        3.00pm –  Whole School Assembly

Monday 19/8/19:    Book Week

Tuesday 20/8/19:    PA Lobster Pot Excursion

Grades 1/2 Gymnastics Coach (PE)

Wednesday 21/8/19:  Book Week Parade

PC Lobster Pot Excursion

Thursday 22/8/19:  District Athletics

Friday 23/8/19:        Peter & The Wolf

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