Blog Post 09/08/19

To The School Community,

Our students and staff have been part of the system-wide effort to implement the Respectful Relations (RR) curriculum. Below is a link to the Respectful Relationship page for you to explore.

The curriculum covers many areas including:

Emotional Literacy

Personal Strengths

Problem Solving

Stress Management

Gender and Identity

Positive Gender Relations

Positive Coping and


Many of the areas connect strongly to our Positive Education Model with great importance placed on explicitly teaching the students to recognise and use their personal strengths.

I mention the RR curriculum as I keep coming back to it while reading The Art of Growing Up. I will write my blog on the website this afternoon focussing on the ideas of positive coping and help-seeking. As a parent, I have moments of strength and weakness when I perceive my children as being difficult in moments of time.

Yesterday Ms. Booth accompanied a group of our year 5 students to a RR day for students. It was interesting to hear the student reflections and learning about the interactions between boys and girls. the message was loud and clear that the students appreciated to explicit teaching about how to respond to each other and recognise how to appreciate each person’s strengths. Their reflections about learning from each other stood out an how their perceptions of each other became more positive as the day went on.

Athletics Day

Thank you to everyone for your understanding about the athletics day, unfortunately, the weather hasn’t been kind to us, although the rain is important!

Mrs. Ferrari has been very solution focussed in running events at school to get an idea of who will attend the interschool athletics carnival. We will do our best to complete this during next week is the fairest and most efficient manner. it will be difficult to send everyone to the next stage so I ask that if your child does experience disappointment that you encourage them to be resilient and look forward to participating in other events, like our end of year sports day or sport that they are offered during school time. Selecting students for events like this is always complex!

Golf Day

I would like to express my gratitude to the Barwon Heads Golf Club and the community members who attended this day for their support of the school.

From the combined effort of Golf and the Raffle, we have raised $6500 that will contribute to our Reading Intervention Resources and school-based technology hardware.

Remember to check the Calendar on Compass or the website to keep up to date with upcoming events.

Next week some of our year 3/4 students will be participating in Hoop time basketball. For many, this will be their first opportunity to represent the school. Students volunteered their interest and as a school, we aim for inclusion ensuring an enjoyable and positive experience for all participants.

Important Dates:

Monday 12/8    Mobile School Dentist

Tuesday 13/8    PB Lobster Pot excursion

Grade 3/4 Hoop Time

Friday 16/8       Whole School Assembly

Monday 19/8    Book Week

Enjoy the weekend with your families! Daniel

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