Blog Post 2/8/2019

To The School Community,

Firstly I would like to congratulate our students on a positive week. The effort that they put into their day at school can be compared to a days work. Blocks of time reading, writing, and learning maths takes a great deal of concentration and effort. Overall the climate during these times is extremely orderly and focussed and I am proud of the students at our school.

As principal I am also proud of the balance that the teachers carefully create for the students during a school day to ensure they have appropriate brain breaks, physical activity as well as tasks related to academic learning that are kinaesthetic (hands on) and active. This coupled with our specialist programs strive to cover all bases.

School Council

During this week our School Council was very productive with a range of areas discussed and ideas developed. Some key points from the meeting include:
1. Taking actions to appoint a new uniform provider with an aim to start in term 4. This will include tightening the selection of uniform students can wear to school. Students will be involved in the decision making process as well as School Councillors driving the process that includes interviews, mystery shopping and referee checks. Once we have finalised the selection process we will inform you of next steps.
2. The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program that relates to IPads  in school has again been discussed. Later this term you will hear more about the plan to remodel what access to devices looks like at our school with a model that is totally school based (not BYOD) not requiring families to purchase a device for school use.
3. Student Reporting has been revamped at our school and through the work of the Curriculum Committee we have received valuable feedback about the successes and challenges of our reporting package. With some fine tuning we are looking forward to staying the course with our Conference Note, Semester Report and Parent/Teacher Information session model.

Whole School Incursion
Developing community partnerships that add value our student’s educational experience is an important strategy used by our school.

The latest opportunity has been presented to us via the Barwon Heads Fine Music Society (In partnership with the Bendigo Bank and City of Greater Geelong)  who have kindly organised a performance of Peter And The Wolf, by the Geelong Symphony Orchestra, for our School Students at no cost.
Community Members are encouraged  to attend on August 23rd at 2:00 pm for a gold coin donation to support the Fine Music Society

Congratulations to our Prep Students – 100 Days
The celebration of our prep students 100 days is always a highlight of the school year.

The students have achieved a great deal this year and their success academically has been first rate. Along with this their ability to adapt to the school environment as the 100 days have approached has been equally impressive. This is a credit to the Kindergarten programs they have attended as well as your contribution as parents and of course our highly effective teaching team.
Professional Reading
My reading of John Marsden’s latest book” the Art of Growing Up”  has created an opportunity for me to think about my role as a parent and principal.
Some of the key messages and my opinion will be shared on our website for you to read over this weekend if you’re interested.

Please remember to check the Compass Calendar or Website for our upcoming events that include:

School Athletics years 3-6 August 9th
Prep Barwon Water Incursion7th August
3/4 Hoop Time 13th August
Debating vs Leopold PS 7th August

See you at Assembly later today!

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