Blog Post 26/7/19

To The School Community,

In my role as principal, I have commitments beyond the school to our system where I collaborate with principals from within and beyond our network. Doing this enables me to keep abreast of what is being developed at a departmental level that will have an impact on our school and schools in our area.

An interesting element of the sessions is a strategic effort to raise the achievement levels of VCE students in regional and rural areas. Barwon, although somewhat larger than the other areas discussed is of course part of this conversation.

The most striking discussion was the access to services for our rural communities, particularly mental health, a range of therapeutic services and largely the opportunity to connect to other students. Although many of the challenges are not present in Geelong itself it confirmed for me the challenge some of our families have in accessing the therapeutic services they need to support their children. This could include, Speech, Psychology, OT and even booking into a Paediatrician.

If you have a story to share that I can the back to the powers that be I would love to hear from you!

Food For Thought!
Thanks to Nathan Dyer (parent at our school), for sharing the podcast below from John Marsden. It is a provocative piece that will certainly give you food for thought about education and parenting. I will be posting my thoughts on our website starting this week so keep an eye out if you’re interested.

School Uniform
Our uniform supplier of many years, Coastal Uniforms, is closing at the end of the term. Please take the opportunity to visit and purchase uniform that they have in stock. We are in the process of selecting a new provider and looking for 2 or 3 parents to join me on the panel to select our new provider.

If you are interested in participating please let me know via the office or school email.

Golf Day
Our annual Golf Day, kindly hosted by the Barwon Heads Golf Club, is fast approaching, we are appreciative of the uptake with all spots filled for the day.

It would be ideal – to take care of the team at the Pro Shop – if participants can pre-pay before the day. You may receive an email about this.
Also, remember to return your raffle tickets- either sold or unsold to the office. Families are encouraged to attend with their children to play the PAR Three-course or tennis. Please book this at the Pro shop as well.

2020 Enrolments
Thanks to our wonderful Prep team for delivering an information session at Bop Bop Karrong last week. We have approximately 40 preps enrolled for 2020 so far. If you need to enrol please do so ASAP to ensure that we can plan thoroughly for our transition sessions in term 4.

We also encourage any family who will not be returning in 2020 to inform the office ASAP as this knowledge also helps us prepare for the new school year.
At the end of August, I submit my projections to the DET that impacts the school budget and staffing so the most accurate and up-to-date enrolment info is crucial.

Enjoy the rest of the week – See you at assembly on Friday.

Important Dates:

Fri 2/8  Whole School Assembly

Wed 7/8  Barwon Water Incursion (Prep)

Fri 9/8  Athletics Day (Grades 3-6)



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