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To the School Community,

I hope that you have been well and were able to have a positive week with your children. There is a bit to cover in this post so apologies if it goes on for a while but there are some key messages that I would like to share with you.


Delivering the Victorian Curriculum to the students at our school is, in a nutshell, the main focus of what we do at Barwon Heads PS. Of course, there are many elements to this but leading into the end of the term you will receive access to another 2 cycles of Conference Notes by the end of week 9 this term since our initial phase in term 1. Please look out for these at the end of next week and again in week 9.

Added to this you will also receive access to a mid-year report during the last week of term that will plot your child’s progress against the Victorian Curriculum in a range of areas. Given the Conference Note Cycle, these reports will not have general comments about your child from their classroom teacher, there will be commentary from the specialist teachers. The end of year reports will contain a general comment from your child’s classroom teacher.

Added to the Conference Notes and Mid-Year report is an opportunity to attend a Parent-Teacher Interview You can book in your times via Compass from June 12th. This is an important part of the reporting process that is encouraged and where you can discuss specifics with your child’s teacher. Each interview is 15  minutes and is teacher/parent focussed with students having a short time to share their thoughts about their progress.

A reminder not to look at each phase in isolation it is a complete package and gives an overall report of progress but won’t include every detail about the learning your child has experienced. Please take the time and make the effort to engage in the process.

Passing of John Brady

I was saddened to hear this week about the passing of John Brady. John, an asset to the Barwon Heads community, has volunteered countless hours to our school over a number of years as a parent, grandparent and active member of the wider Barwon Heads Community.

His influence has left its mark on our school with many projects, including the school library and bollards around town, having something to do with John’s interest in making things better for others. He was involved in the Lions Club who support our school in many ways and also a frequent spectator at the many local sporting events.

Our condolences go out to John’s family particularly his children and grandchildren who were past students at Barwon Heads Primary School.

Soil Testing Results

Please remember to access the Compass Posts corresponding about the soil testing results to keep updated about the progress. A post was made yesterday.

BIKE SAFETY ( Please Remind your Children)/Before School Skate Park

Most of our students ride their bikes safely to and from school. I would like to remind you of our after school rules when exiting the school at the end of the day.

All cyclists/Scooter and Skateboard riders are required to walk their equipment to the following points.

  1. If staying on the same side of Golf Links, school Bikes must be walked to Thompson Drive to allow for the volume of traffic to spread out.
  2. If crossing at the crossing then travelling down Golf Links Rd all equipment must be walked to Clifford Parade
  3. All riders must stay to the left-hand side of the road to maximise safety if part of their journey requires riding on the road.
  4. Helmets must be worn at all times.

If your child fails to follow these instructions using a 3 strike process they will be asked to cease travelling to school using bikes, scooters or skateboards for a week. Further breaches will be discussed directly with parents.

I would like to thank parents for ensuring their children arrive at the school grounds after 8:30 am. Since the inception of this requirement, we have noted that a number of children are making a stop at the skate park and Village Park on the way to school. Although it seems a positive start to the day with the students doing something physically active, the stop at the Skate Park in the morning is becoming problematic. There have been instances of injuries occurring before school with the students needing their friends to get them to school or back home to tend to injuries which is not ideal. We have also been resolving a few issues spilling over from the Skate Park to school, mainly related to name calling and exclusion. I am aware that most children have parent permission to be at the skate park before school but ask parents to check in once in a while to ensure their child’s participation is positive.

Year 6 Canberra Camp

As I write this post our year 6’s and wonderful staff members and parent volunteers will be enjoying their last day of the Canberra Camp. The reports back from the staff have been that the camp has been a very busy one with interesting and engaging experiences for the students. Importantly added to the Educational value the camp provides. The students have been able to connect with others and as described by the staff, have demonstrated exemplary behaviour. As usual, the food at camp gets discussed and the reviews have been glowing. I look forward to the campers return this evening somewhere between 5:30 and 6 pm.

Please remember to check the website tomorrow for my final commentary about David Gillespie’s “The Teen Brain”

Enjoy the rest of the week – hopefully, see you at assembly this Friday.

Upcoming Events: 

Tomorrow Friday 24th May: Whole School Photo day, Whole School Assembly

Tues 28th May: Grade 5/6 2040 Movie Excursion

Wed 29th May: Foundation Students – History Afternoon

Thurs 30th: Grade 5-6 Lightning Prem Sports


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