Blog Post 21/2

Dear Families,

As you may have seen, a series of media articles over the summer break raised questions about possible soil contamination on the Bellarine Peninsula.

In January, in response to community concern about this coverage, the Victorian School Building Authority (VSBA) commissioned independent tests of the soil at Barwon Heads Primary School. These tests were undertaken purely to reassure the community; there was no other known indication that testing was needed.

We now have the independent test results, and the report concluded that the soil at Barwon Heads Primary School was within normal health limits. The independent tests covered a broad range of potential contaminants in our soil, and none were found to be present at levels that were harmful to human health. Some areas near the golf course were partially inaccessible due to heavy vegetation; further tests have been ordered for these areas, although tests nearby do not suggest cause for concern.

If you have further questions about these tests, please get in touch with me on 52542324.

As you are aware, the recent Chief Health Officer report found no evidence of a higher overall cancer incidence rate, or of increased rates of specific cancers, in any geographical areas of the Bellarine Peninsula as compared to elsewhere in Australia.  The Department of Health and Human Services is running an Open House drop-in event at 13th Beach Golf Links, Barwon Heads Rd, Barwon Heads on Monday 25 February from 3-7pm.

I would like to reassure you that providing students and staff with a safe learning environment is our highest priority at Barwon Heads Primary School.


Daniel Vella


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