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Assessment at BHPS ( including NAPLAN)

Since I began my career as a teacher the importance of collecting data about student learning has grown exponentially. Collecting student data is an important factor in increasing student achievement despite frequent concerns about how data driven schools have become.

The increase in collection, analysis and action responding to student data throughout the past decade has proven to be extremely beneficial to improving student learning.

We now have tools that tell us students are at risk of falling off track. At our school we track our student’s progress very closely through a rigorous assessment schedule and Data Continuum that is the engine room of our school driving responses to how we need to support students.

Student data helps keep both parents and the community in the loop about how schools are serving their students. NAPLAN Data helps the school community and staff understand the impact that our strategies are having on students. Our results last year were promising with our growth data between year 3 and 5 the strongest in 6 years.

In my role as principal, in collaboration with the staff  we use data as an enabler, an “early warning system” that helps us determine when students are falling off track and when others are performing higher than the standards in order to help them or maintain growth trying not to let anyone slip through the cracks.

It helps inspire more research into what works and what doesn’t; we have dramatically changed our approach to reading and writing during the past 3 years and the results have been very positive. Without data analysis, we would not have been able to drill down to the student level and generate this improvement.

To make sure the positive developments in student achievement from data use continue we will embed our learning from last year’s NAPLAN analysis to deliver for the second year running our “Reading Growth Project” and look forward to again support the students in maximising growth.

If you have any concerns about NAPLAN that occurs in May please see your child’s teacher, Ms Booth or myself.


Transition from Primary School to Secondary School

In the lead up to March many local secondary schools will begin to advertise their open days, scholarship exams etc. I encourage you all to refer to our transition document to assist in understanding your role in making decisions about where your children will go to Secondary School. Below is a link to the website for further information.

Update you about the Cancer Cluster and Ground Contamination Reports

I am still waiting for the final report regarding the assessment of the school grounds and will publish these ASAP. Importantly though I encourage you to attend the open house with the Chief Health Officer who will share and discuss with the community the findings of his investigation.

Monday 25 February

3.00pm – 7.00pm

Drop in session.

13th Beach Golf Links,

1732 Barwon Heads Rd,

Barwon Heads

Follow up from the Managing Devices at Home Session

I would like to thank Mr Steven for sharing strategies with our community about how to manage devices at home.

You can access the information presented by visiting our website using the link

Also remember to check the calendar dates on Compass or the Important Dates Sheet that was sent home this week

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