Blog Post 21/12/18

To The School Community,

In my first Blog Post I would like to extend a warm welcome to the 2019 school year.

The staff were excited to see the students return after a great deal of preparation in the lead up to the first day. It is no surprise but always impresses that the students here are so responsive. Walking through the school this morning I could see reading and writing  routines being developed, daily routines being set and class expectations collaboratively created with the students.

I would like to thank the students for their contribution to a wonderful first day but also to the staff for their work. Below is a reminder of the structure and teaching teams for 2019.

Foundation – Jessica Kearney, Cara Booth, Raelee Wilding, Kelvin Harris

Year 1/2 – Ben Lord, Aimee Blake, Ree Rogan, Lauren McManus, Nicole Banko, Ned Wallis, Tobin Rose

Year 3/4 – Kate McIntyre, Drew Steven, Catherine Olsen, Lisa Kebbell, Ruby Campbell, Bridie Dix.

Year 5/6 – Linda Jordan, Luke Wierzbowski, Sharna Renfrey, Sean O’Leary, Lee Holden/Jane Brown

PE – Teagan Houston/Nicole Ferrari
Art – Jon Phillips
STEM – John Burdess
Languages – Nicole Tabone
Library – Christine Browne
Wellbeing Officer – Kristen Dillon
Reading Intervention – April Jackson
Learning Specialist – Rachael Curtain
Integration Support staff – Jenny Howe, Narelle Woods, Anna Shiels
Office Team : Tracy Davey, Tiara Ridwan, Alison Levvey

Attendance and Punctuality

An important focus for this year will be to improve student punctuality and attendance. we encourage students to be at school everyday unless the circumstances are unavoidable or the students are too ill. Although we accept the reality of family holidays we ask that  family holidays are booked during the school holiday period where possible.

Parent/Teacher Meet and Greet

You will soon receive notification about booking a meet and greet session with your child’s teacher. The sessions will run from Wednesday 6th through to Friday 22nd of Feb. You will be able to book times via Compass. Look out for this next week.

Parent Partners
Parent Partners are an important part of the team at our school. We are hoping to finalise who is on board by the end of next week so they can be introduced at the Family Picnic on Feb 13th.

Go to to find out a little more about parent partners or watch the clip

Please contact me directly to express your interest 52542324 or

Important Upcoming Dates 

Thursday 7th Feb Foundation Students Begin

Wednesday 13th Feb  
Family Picnic 5:30 – 7:30

Managing Devices at home session 6:15 – 6:45

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