From Daniel’s Desk Week 11 Term 4

To the School Community,

It is hard to believe that next week is the last week of the school year. There is so much to celebrate and acknowledge about our year as a school community.

Last week’s Bush Christmas was a tremendous success thanks to your engagement as families, embracing the opportunity to get together, enjoy each other’s company and allow your children to have a great time together. The organising team need to be congratulated for their enormous effort in pulling the event together and surviving the trying conditions during the setup phase of the fair. We have gone from one extreme to the next with the weather over the last 2 years but we are fortunate that everything went smoothly.

Your generosity is also to be acknowledged, we are close to finalising the revenue and expenses with the projection being around the $10000 mark that the school will be able to use to support the addition of another bike area that is needed to cater for the hundreds of students who ride to school each day.

On Wednesday 19th December the Semester Two Reports will be accessible via Compass. I encourage all parents to access the reports to connect to their child’s progress during the semester. You will receive information about the reporting process at our school and instructions about how to access Compass.

Your child’s report will include a range of information including progression measured against the Victorian Curriculum, general comments from teachers, information from learning tasks as well as reports from the specialist teachers. If you have any queries about your child’s report please see their teacher for further information.

Farewell Year 6’s
The last week of school is always exciting with many events to acknowledge the community but it is usually about our exiting year 6 students.

As a group they have been outstanding in the way they have conducted themselves and embraced being members of this school community. They have shown the 24 Character Strengths in many situations and in my years as a Principal and teacher I can confidently say that their behaviour has been exemplary all year. We have only positive things to say about them and wish them the very best for the future and always welcome them back to school with open arms. Below is a list of final week activities, many related to the year 6 activities.

Final Week Activities

Community Helpers Morning Tea 10:45 am

Year 6 Graduation 6:00pm Student Dinner & 7pm Graduation Ceremony

Annual Sports Day 9:15 am – 1:30 pm

Year 6 Adventure Park end of year celebrations

Final Assembly 9:15 am ( approx. 1 hour) – Presentation of Leadership Badges to our 2019 Student Leaders.
Year 6 Farewell 1:20 ( Front of the school outside Office)
School Dismissal 1:30

Time Table
9:00 – Class Time
9:15 – Assembly
11:00 – Recess
11:30 – 12:20 Class Time
12:20 – 12:30 Eating Time
12:20 – 1:00 Recess
1:00 – 1:15 Class Time
1:20 Year 6 Farewell
1:30 Students Dismissed

Transition Process / 2019 Classes
I would like to thank the staff, particularly Robyn Booth, for their exemplary work in constructing class lists for 2019. This is a complex task that we put a great deal of thought and effort into. On Tuesday your child participated in the final transition session with all teachers working at our school next year present for the morning, except Mrs Rogan .

Classes have been finalised with formal notification early next week. The classes for 2019 reflect the groupings and teacher your children had on Tuesday unless you were contacted by Robyn Booth during this week. This process is finalised and we look forward to the students making a great start to the 2019 school year.

Please remember to check the Calendar for the 2019 School dates.

First day back 2019
Thursday 31st January 2019 is the first day back for students in grade 1 – 6.
*New Foundation students starting times will be sent through this afternoon.

Canberra Camp
Part of our camping program is for our year 6 students to visit Canberra to experience the many attractions and Educational experiences on offer. For 2019 we are looking to offer up to 10 places for past students/older siblings of our current students to attend the camp. The cost will be somewhere around $800 to attend and will focus on a Leadership opportunity supporting the staff and campers during the trip. If you or your child are interested in this new initiative at our school please contact me directly for further information. I will send a reminder early in 2019.
The main purpose is to maintain a connection to our community and for the former student to develop their leadership skills. It could be linked to work experience or community service.

Enjoy the Weekend, I hope that we see you at our final assembly.

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