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To The School Community,

This week is an exciting week in the lead up to the end of the school year.

On Friday 7th December our annual Christmas Fair comes around yet again and we look forward to getting our community together to celebrate a wonderful 2018.
The focus for the Fundraising at the Fair will be to generate funds to provide the space we need for students to store their bikes.
There are some ideas around this and I look forward to achieving this goal with community support in 2019.

I would like to thank the organising committee in advance for their amazing work in preparing for the fair. The teamwork demonstrated has been outstanding as has the creativity in thinking through many details that need consideration for an event like this.
Remember to order your child’s ride tickets at

Transition Tuesday 11th Dec
The final transition session for the year is Tuesday 11th December. I look forward to the students spending time with their teachers for the 2019 school year. As a staff we have spent considerable time working through groupings and are confident in our decisions about placing students and teachers that are locked in for the 2019 school year.

Staffing at BHPS
During this week we have finalised our teaching positions for the 2019 school year. There has been some movement of staff who have gained ongoing positions at other schools and appointments that will start t fill the vacated positions.

Mrs Kneebone will be taking up an ongoing offer at Torquay Coast PS as the PE teacher and Ms Dodds will be headed to Armstrong Creek where she will be an ongoing employee as a classroom teacher. I would like to congratulate them on their appointments and thank them for their service to our school.
New teachers appointed are as follows:
Tobin Rose – an experienced teacher from Ivanhoe East PS who will join the 1/2 team.
Ned Wallis – Who has had a great deal of experience at our school as a year 1 and Science teacher who will also join the year 1/2 team

Our structure and teams for next year is as follows: NEW Teachers
Foundation – Jessica Kearney, Cara Booth, Raelee Wilding, Kelvin Harris

Year 1/2 – Kate Strong, Aimee Blake, Ree Rogan, Lauren McManus, Nicole Banko, Ned Wallis, Tobin Rose

Year 3/4 – Kate McIntyre, Drew Steven, Catherine Olsen, Lisa Kebbell, Ruby Campbell, Bridie Dix.

Year 5/6 – Linda Jordan, Luke Wierzbowski, Sharna Renfrey, Sean O’Leary, Lee Holden/Jane Brown

PE – Teagan Houston/Nicole Ferrari
Art – Jon Phillips
STEM – John Burdess
Languages – TBC
Library – Christine Browne
Wellbeing Officer – Kristen Dillon
Reading Intervention – April Jackson
Learning Specialist – Rachael Curtain
Integration Support staff – Jenny Howe, Narelle Woods, Anna Shiels
Office Team : Tracy Davey, Tiara Ridwan, Alison Levvey

Parent Partners
We are keen for parents to express interest in the Parent Partner role for your child’s class in 2019. After the Transition session on Tuesday I would be keen to hear from anyone interested in the role for each class. Go to to find out a little more about parent partners or watch the clip

Student Leadership Assembly

At our assembly this Friday we present our 2019 School Captains to the school community. The shortlisted students have been working their way through a range of tasks that have included working in a team and as an individual. They have been dedicated to the task and impressive in the way in which they have supported each other throughout the process.

Their classmates have been involved providing feedback along the way using google forms that have greatly enhanced the decision-making process. The final list of leadership roles will be completed prior to the 14th of December with students being informed at a classroom level and recognised via the Principal Blog Post. House Captains will be presented with their badges at the annual Sports Day.

During next week you will receive information about how to access your child’s reporting information. It is important to access your child’s report to understand their progress in 2018.

Languages in 2019
I am pleased to inform you that in 2019 we will be offering Indonesian as a language at our school. We have a history of learning Indonesian and have an opportunity to continue this in 2019. I am close to securing a teacher to deliver the program and look forward to announcing who this later in the week.

Remember to check the Calendar for Special events
I look forward to seeing you at the fair

Important Upcoming Dates 

Friday 7th December 
Christmas Fair

Tuesday 11th December
Whole School Transition
Orientation day Year 6 students

Wednesday 12th December
Grade 5-6 Elective Sports – Last Day
Prep – 2 Swimming Program

Thursday 13th Dec
Prep – 2 Swimming Program last day
Grade One – End of year celebrations

Friday 14th 
Grade 5 Buddy Picnic


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