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To the School Community,

I would like to thank you for the support you continually show the students at our school. It never ceases to amaze me how the community is engaged in what our students are experiencing.

An example being the effort people made to come to the year 3 and 5 Music Concert which was a huge success. The students really demonstrated that they could work together as a team to perform as a whole class band. The courage the student’s show, particularly those who are not accomplished musicians, should be commended. It also provides others to showcase their talents and many Character Strengths that are needed to maximise the learning opportunity presented.

What also stood out to me was the sense of fun that the event also brought to our school, with the students, in an impromptu performance by Felicia ( singing Teacher) and Danniel ( Classroom Music Teacher), joining in what was a spectacular finale to the concert.

2019 Year 4 (Current year 3 students) 1-1 iPad Information Session

The Information night for the 1-1 Ipad program was also appreciated. I look forward to further opportunities for parents to learn more about technology, its place in the home and a school during term 4 and early in the 2019 school year.

Movie Night and Working Bee

We will be holding our annual Movie Night on Friday, September 14th – look out for details on Compass and our Website. It is a fun community event with Pop Corn, Sausage sizzle and a screening of Incredibles 2 all included in the family price of $25.

Unfortunately – due to the predicted wild weather the Working Bee will be postponed until week 2 of term 4.

Positive Education Statement Launch

You will have received a copy of our Positive Education Statements last week to refer to at home. We are very proud of this initiative and will continue to use the model as a focus for our students to use to develop their dispositions in a range of situations.

You will see at assembly that we have a new banner that is being used to highlight the statements and in the coming weeks further banners and signs will be installed around the school.

You can read more in this week’s Bellarine Times as well as in the Pos Ed section of our Website at

 2019 Planning

Last week I posted the information below and will keep this in for the next few entries.

As term 4 approaches we are well into the tasks that are required to plan for the 2019 school year. An important part of this planning is to ensure that we have accurate enrolment information about our students. This includes:

  • Ensuring Foundation (Grade Prep) enrolments are completed as a matter of urgency to ensure access to the transition landmarks between now and the beginning of the 2019 school year.
  • Notifying the school of current enrolments, who will not be returning in 2019. This should be done in writing to me ASAP.
  • If you are likely to be away in 2019 for any length of time.

Parents have an opportunity to share with me any important information that they feel I should know about their child in the lead up to developing our 2019 class groupings. You can write/email directly to me to inform me of things that may help your child transition from one year level to the next. You can include information about their learning style, positive or challenging relationships that impact their learning and the TYPE of teacher that suits their learning styles. Direct requests about teachers will not be used in the decision making process. 

In 2019 we will be changing the grade structure to manage our classes as effectively as possible and lower the teacher student ration in Foundation (Prep). The new structure is;

4 x Foundation (Prep) classes

3 x year 1 classes

3x year 2 classes

3 x Year 3 classes

4 x Year 4 Classes

5 x Year 5/6 Composite Classes

We are confident in the approaches we use at the school to continue to teach the students at their point of need despite the change to year 5/6 composite classes for the time being.

Part of the lead into the 2019 school year will be carefully planning what the groupings in each year level looks like and ensuring that the year 5/6 composites maintain a sense of identity with specific programs that will maximise their connection together.


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