From Daniel’s Desk

From Daniel’s Desk

To the School Community,

It has been another proactive week at Barwon Heads PS. We are only 2.5 school weeks away from the end of the term which ends on Friday 21st September at 2:30 pm. We will have an assembly to end the day. In the lead up to the end of the term there are a number of activities that we are encouraging parents to attend. I know that sometimes this is difficult with work and family commitments but assure you that we appreciate it when you can make it. Below are the key events that I would like you to know about

Movie Night and Working Bee

We will be holding our annual Movie Night on Friday, September 14th – look out for details on Compass and our Website. The Movie Night will be followed by a Working Bee on Saturday the 15th of September. I look forward to the community in getting together to get a few jobs done around the school as well as catching up for some socialising and what is usually a great way to meet other families from our school.

Music Concert Years 3 and 5

To celebrate the end of term Music program the Years 3 and 5 students will be performing from 6pm on Wednesday the 12th of September. All community members are welcome but only year 3 and 5 students will be performing, with a few special guests from across the school.

2019 Year 4 (Current year 3 students) 1-1 iPad Information Session

We encourage our current Year 3 families to attend as there will be important information that you need to know. There will also be opportunities to ask questions. School Council and the staff have been working together to develop a series of sessions that you will hear more about on the night.

Year 2 Cottage by the Sea

The Year 2 students spent the night away from home at the Cottage by the Sea in Queenscliff as part of our camping program. I would like to congratulate the students on their ability to use the Character Strengths during their stay, particularly teamwork, appreciation and being brave. For many students, this would have been the first time away from home, albeit close to home and for one night.                                                       My short visit was a pleasure as I saw the students tuck into their dinner and get the sleeping arrangements organised. Also a huge thank you to the staff who attended for supporting the students and organising the event.                                                              Below are some points to consider about our camps program.

  1. Social skills

Great opportunities exist to develop a wide range of social skills that strengthen established relationships and develop new ones.

  1. Independence skills

For some children school camp may be their first time away from home where they have to remember to brush their teeth or finish the vegetables on their plate. Camp provides an opportunity for kids to take care of themselves by appreciating the importance of interaction and connections to the physical world. Most children rise to this challenge, they enjoy this new found independence and recognise the need to look after themselves, each other and their environment.

  1. Team building and development of leadership and decision-making skills

Children will often be expected to take on leadership roles and work together as a team to encourage positive decision making.

  1. Encouragement of physical fitness and active lifestyles

During camp, children will be exposed to a variety of experiences. These experiences can be active and academic and facilitate learning in a variety of forms, providing a greater awareness of skills and capabilities that may be new for many.

  1. Personal challenges

At camp, children will be exposed to a range of activities that they may not have tried before. Often when children are not under the direction of their parents or carers they will display a more adventurous spirit and will be willing to have a go at things that they may not have tried before.

Camp is a great opportunity to develop all of these skills, however, often the thought of sleeping away from home can cause anxiety for children and their parents. Common worries about camp include:

What happens if they can’t sleep?

What happens if they don’t like the food?

Who will they share a cabin with?

What will happen if they don’t enjoy the activities?

What will happen if they feel homesick?

Should your child be worried about the camp experience? It would be beneficial to talk with them about their fears and worries and help them to look forward to the experience. There are a variety of ideas that may help – discuss the activities that they will participate in, pack together and include a special memento such as a toy or photograph, visit the camp website and find out additional information and, of course, contact the school for any further information.

2019 Planning

As term 4 approaches we are well into the tasks that are required to plan for the 2019 school year. An important part of this planning is to ensure that we have accurate enrolment information about our students. This includes:

  • Ensuring Foundation (Grade Prep) enrolments are completed as a matter of urgency to ensure access to the transition landmarks between now and the beginning of the 2019 school year.
  • Notifying the school of current enrolments, who will not be returning in 2019. This should be done in writing to me ASAP.
  • If you are likely to be away in 2019 for any length of time.

Parents have an opportunity to share with me any important information that they feel I should know about their child in the lead up to developing our 2019 class groupings. You can write/ email directly to me to inform me of things that may help your child transition from one year level to the next. You can include information about their learning style, positive or challenging relationships that impact their learning and the TYPE of teacher that suits their learning styles. Direct requests about teachers will not be used in the decision-making process.                                                                                                               In 2019 we will be changing the grade structure to manage our classes as effectively as possible and lower the teacher-student ration in Foundation (Prep). The new structure is;

4 x Foundation (Prep) classes

3 x year 1 classes

3x year 2 classes

3 x Year 3 classes

4 x Year 4 Classes

5 x Year 5/6 Composite Classes

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