School Edible Garden

Monday 27th August – HARVEST DAY

What a wonderful way to start a Monday in the school edible garden! The sun was shining and the Students of 2C were keen to explore.  The session began with a talk & review in the Classroom with Margaret and Deidre (our Community Volunteers) on the sprouting potatoes. Earlier in Term 3 each Grade 2 class talked about ‘chitting’ potatoes and the best way to do this.  Some potatoes were kept in egg cartons in the classroom whilst others were stored in a hessian bag.  On Monday we pulled them out to see which process had more success in the ‘sprouting’ and we discovered that both methods worked quite well.  The potatoes were ready to be put in the ground and were planted with excitement!

It was also Harvest time!!! The edible garden is about growing food mostly from seed, then of course planting, nurturing those plants, removing bugs when necessary, being patient with the growing process and then being able to enjoy the food source.  2C were able to harvest a substantial amount of salad produce including lettuce leaves, coriander, parsley, beetroot leaves and edible flowers. The basket of goodies was then offered as a gift from Grade 2 to the amazing Teaching Staff.   What a wonderful way to share within the school community. The Students were extremely proud of their efforts.   There will be plenty more opportunities over the next few months for students to sample the produce, take some home, share it with the school community and maybe even have a vegetable and plant stall at the School Fair in December.

** Each Monday morning one Grade 2 class has the opportunity to be active in the garden.  This is supported by the Grade 2 teaching staff, Deidre & Margaret (Community Volunteers) and parent helpers.  “The Edible Classroom” highly values volunteers; the more volunteers mean the more food we can produce, cook and eat. Even if you haven’t grown food before, come along and learn alongside your children. They are loving it!!  Please email your expression of interest to the School Office. **









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