From Daniel’s Desk 24th August 2018

To the School Community

The focus of my blog post this week is about voice and agency, a focus of my learning as a principal and something that moving forward our school needs to continue to develop.

I attended the Barwon Area Principal Forum where I was able to further engage in learning more about student voice and agency. Some of the questions that I will be investigating further in my own professional learning will be:

1) What is student agency? Why is it important?

2) What skills do students need to take ownership of their learning? How do we develop these?

3) How can student input opportunities be turned into leadership opportunities?

4) Supporting teachers to understand what should/shouldn’t Students have control over?

5) How can technology support student voice/ownership in the classroom?

6) What opportunities do you see for expanding student agency in your school/district?

Have a fantastic weekend!

I am confident that at BHPS I will discover many examples that will help me find the answers to my questions but also discover areas to develop.

I look forward to writing more about Agency over the next fortnight.

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