Top 5 best things about BHPS

From the Year 6 School Captains…..

Top five best things about Barwon Heads…..
Canberra camp
Canberra camp in our opinion is the best camp in Primary School! We got to learn all about politics and the Government. Some attractions at Canberra were: Parliament House, The Mint, Old Parliament House and plenty more.
Canberra camp was a unique learning opportunity for everyone and we all really enjoyed it.

Estuary project
Each year the grade fives get the special opportunity to learn about our environment and the estuary. They get split up into four groups, which are photography, science, art and writing. Each week they go to four groups and learn about about their selected topic. At the end of the year all of our creations get put into the school diary for the following year.

Cultural studies                                                                                                                      Cultural studies is the study of language and culture. Each year level has a focus on one country and over the course of the year will learn their language and culture. However the grade sixes get to study the country that they will learn at high school.

At our school we have teacher and student run clubs at lunch time, they are a great way to socialise with your peers, make new friends and find new hobbies. Each club has its own distinctions to suit all kids. Lunch time clubs also give kids a chance to practice their leadership skills by running the activities.

Character strengths
What is a character strength? The character strengths are a group of 24 skills like teamwork, zest, leadership, humour and many more. character strengths can actually have a significant impact on your life by helping you overcome its challenges. Each week we learn about a different character strength, and at the end of the week two students from each class who have been showing that week’s character strength win an award.

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