Grade 3/4 Healthy Heroes Incursion with Geelong Cats

On Wednesday, the Grade 3’s and 4’s were so lucky to have two Cats players come and talk about what it takes to be healthy, their names were Zac Toohey and Matt Hayball. First we saw a video where Harry Taylor & Kate Derby talked about physical activity and the connection between physical activity to mental confidence & resilience. They spoke of other benefits of exercise and the need to exercise for 60 minutes every day.

Angus & Murphy asked the players some great questions about their hobbies & what it takes to be an elite athlete and we learnt about the release of endorphins that make us feel good when we exercise. Tom Hawkins & Joel Selwood talked about healthy eating, hydration and packing a healthy lunch. We were told about the hidden sugar in some drinks and finally we learnt about the importance of not having too much screen time (2 hours max a day) because it can affect our sleep and behaviour.

We were very grateful to the players and Geelong Footy Club for educating us about healthy living and we are looking forward to going on to the website in the future


Geelong Cats healthy eating

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