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To The School Community,

The focus of this post is to provide a short summary of the data collected in the recent survey posted using Survey Monkey. I will send this survey out annually early in term 2.

I appreciate the time the respondents took to complete the survey.

The data from the 73 respondents was overwhelmingly  positive with 87% being in the top 2 responses. a table outlining the data can be seen below.

Very satisfied

Somewhat satisfied

Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied

Somewhat dissatisfied

Very dissatisfied


Respondents had an opportunity to provide written feedback providing views of the strengths and areas for improvement perceived about the school

There were common threads throughout the strengths highlighted by 25% or more respondents and included:

Improved communication, Strong Links to the Community, Sense of Community, The Music Curriculum, Strong Leadership, Approachable Staff, Positive Climate, Positive Education, Peer Mediation, Facilities, Positive Changes at the school and Parent Input.

The data about areas of improvements were harder to capture with only 5 areas receiving multiple responses with 3 out of the 73 respondents mentioning each area including:

A Rethink of Excursions, More Activities Locally, considerations in improving transition from 6-7, the opportunity for more play in our Foundation program, Strategic approach to teaching students with learning difficulties.

There were many other isolated ( one respondent) pieces of information that also have merit but were not patterns. Some of these were:

  • Teacher/parent communication about learning needs to increase. Change Learning Task Model.
  • Minimise communication platforms
  • Principal inflexible and slow to make change.
  • Improve Sustainability measures at school.
  • Modernise Uniform
  • Canteen

I will present more data to the School Council and staff in coming weeks to develop actions around this info. Again thanks to all of those who participated.


Managing Devices at Home Seminar

We are fortunate to be able to offer this free event to BHPS families with students in all year levels.

Date: Wednesday 6th June, 7 pm – 8.30 pm

Venue: Year 5/6 open learning space

Presenter – Andy McNeilly

Description of the program:

Over the past two years of running workshops, Andy has noticed how many parents struggle with the number of devices in our modern homes. Often our kids have a device at school from such a young age. So how do we help manage the use of these devices at home? With Andy we are offering a workshop to help parents with this growing and common concern.

Through participation in this workshop, you can expect the following:

  • simple, practical and easy ideas you can use at home to help control devices
  • fun ideas to help build stronger family relationships
  • improved self-confidence in communicating with your children
  • happier, more secure kids

Please remember to accept the event on Compass if you are attending.



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