Courage -Week 3, Term 2 2018

I am brave and I do the right thing even when I feel scared.
If Bravery/courage is your top strength, you are a courageous person who does not shrink away from threat, challenge, difficulty or pain. You speak up for what is right even if there is opposition. You act on your convictions. There are three types of courage but our students tend to focus on the physical.

  • Physical (e.g., ANZACS, firefighters, police officers, soldiers)
  • Psychological (e.g., facing painful aspects of oneself)

Moral (e.g., being a positive bystander, speaking up for what’s right, even if it’s an unfavourable opinion to a group)

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It would be great to have some student responses and entries. There’s a direct link to “The Lorax” who showed courage in speaking for the trees.

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