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The importance of the week in which we commemorate ANZAC Day is unrivaled in bringing people together to recognise the sacrifice Australians past and present have made for others.

Our school participated in a number of commemorations:

  1. The Geelong Schools ANZAC Ceremony at the memorial in Johnstone Park in Geelong
  2. Barwon Heads ANZAC parade and service
  3. Barwon Heads Primary School ANZAC Service

Reflecting on all 3 events the common themes are clear to all of those in attendance but it really struck me at our school ceremony today that lessons about people that we learn through ANZAC and other stories of war highlight the potential that people have to do great things. In our town you read and hear of the names of soldiers past and their families through the street signs, names of sporting fields and even sometimes a relative still carrying the family name. The photo below, in 1899, depicts the original school, located in Connewarre lists many prominent names connected to the history of Barwon Heads. William ( Bill) Tait 3rd from the left in the front row enlisted on July 22nd 1915 as a 25 year old. His class mate, Jack Challis, first from left in the front row enlisted  in 2015. Life for the children in the photo changed dramatically due to the war, with the majority of the boys in the photo serving in some capacity during world war one. Their relatives, also in the photo, were mostly from farming families would have continued the work in the absence of their fathers, siblings and friends, a challenging time in all of their lives I am sure. The Challis and Tait families left their mark on Barwon Heads and their stories are important in our children understanding the history of the town. I look forward to a partnership with the Barwon Heads/Ocean Grove RSL in developing an opportunity to discover more about the service men and woman who have called Barwon Heads home.

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For the current students at Barwon Heads PS life is obviously different but our participation in the ceremonies highlight the potential they have, drawing on their character strengths during the services. We saw Monique Guest recite a poem at the Barwon Heads service that drew great emotion from the congregation. Our year 6 students and their teachers provided us with an ANZAC experience that hit the mark in helping us remember the importance of the commemoration. What stood out was that every student in year 6 played a role in the commemoration. The team work, organisation and acknowledgement of the importance of each person was intentionally symbolic in the delivery. As a principal I have never been more proud of a group of students and teachers who were able to capture the essence of what ANZAC is about.

Finally, a lead into the theme of my blog posts for the next few weeks, MINDSET! We often talk about the right mindset and  growth mindset in education and other fields I am sure. It is topical for me as in recent weeks my professional reading and professional development has centered around developing the right mindset for myself and others. I will share some of my learning from the book I am currently reading, Coherence written by Michael Fullan and Joanne Quinn as well as sessions that I have experienced facilitated by Sonia Sharp and Helen Timperley  current gurus in developing Communities of Practice and effective teams.

I hope to see you all at our assemblies and this week’s parent session.

Friday 27th April and Friday 11th May:

Parent Forum with Daniel 2:30 pm – 3:15 pm
The April 27th Session:
A discussion forum that provides an opportunity for those who can make it to share their views, both positive and ideas for improvement.
Friday 27th session: 

  • The Website
  • Positive Education Model
  • Canteen

May 11th Session will focus on:

  • Opportunities for Community involvement
  • Excursions and Incursions and opportunities for sport and the arts.
  • School Uniform
    May 2nd – Parent Helpers session – Held in the library 9 am – 11 am.

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