From Daniel’s Desk

To the School Community,

Welcome back to term 2 – It has been a pleasure to see the students back at school after what must have been a busy 2 weeks for students and their families. I always enjoy hearing holiday stories about the exciting experiences that people encountered during their break.

This week it has been a year since I started working at Barwon Heads PS – this is insignificant compared to the many years of service others have given to the school, Mrs Rogan probably leading the way.

I do feel a sense of achievement in the first year as principal. We set out as a school to support the student’s holistically and as a school we are well on the way to achieving this.

The development of our teaching and learning models for reading and writing are now embedded in teacher practice and the students are connected strongly to this model engaging in the reading and writing processes used at BHPS.

We’ve also come a long way in addressing the perception about bullying at BHPS – the concept of being a positive bystander is becoming a strong part of our culture and the Peer Mediator role is building. The atmosphere in the school among the students is positive and their behaviour as a group is exemplary. Teachers at the school are positive people and they too have embraced the Bystander ideas supporting the children by tying this concept into our Pos Ed framework.

There have been significant developments in POS Ed during the last 12 months building on the fantastic work completed by the POS ED team, the Curriculum Committee of School Council will be looking at a document that will be launched to the community shortly.

I would like to thank the Sheep Wash Classic team for organising such an amazing event – it never ceases to amaze me how fortunate we are to have such proactive and capable people supporting our school community. Because of the efforts and participation from our community members as well as support from our generous sponsors we have managed to raise a little over $8000 that will contribute to our Grounds Master Plan. You will see some progress towards this achieving this plan later in the school year.

In next week’s post I will be providing a survey link to capture community views about the school to assist us in continuing to improve.

Enjoy the rest of the week!





Monday 23rd April

Barwon Heads Choir – Senior Citizens visit

Wednesday 25th April

ANZAC Day Public Holiday

Thursday 26th April

Barwon Heads Primary School ANZAC service – 9.15 am in the gym

Parent Partners meeting – 2:15 pm


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