Self Control -Week 9 2018

I can control my emotions, thoughts and actions. I think carefully about how I

Two important types of self-control for students are work self-control and
interpersonal self-control. Having work self-control allows you to stick with
your long-term goals and stay focused on a task that may be difficult or even
boring. (This is the sort of self-control that also helps you stick to an exercise
plan or make healthy eating choices in the face of temptation.) Interpersonal
self-control allows you to maintain your temper, hold back from interrupting,
and respond to others in ways that are socially appropriate.

At school, demonstrating self-control could involve:
– Coming to class with everything needed to get to work rather than being
– Remembering and following directions rather than needing to be
– Getting to work right away rather than procrastinating
– Paying attention rather than getting distracted

Interpersonally, demonstrating self-control could involve:
– Allowing others to speak rather than interrupting
– Being polite to all, even when stressed or angry
-Not losing your temper
– Remaining calm, even when criticized or otherwise provoked,
rather than losing your temper


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