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To The School Community,

In the lead up to the end of term – Thursday 29th March is the last day of term- I thought that I would reflect on the term in this edition of my blog.

In many of my blog entries I have focused on student agency and how important it is that students are part of decisions about their learning. I believe that at Barwon Heads PS we are making great in roads in the area of agency through students having very specific learning goals that they are working towards. The goals change regularly and are based on thorough assessment that takes many forms including formal assessments , conferences with students, anecdotal observation and evaluation of pieces of worked annotated and discussed  by teams of teachers.

Agency also goes beyond learning in the 3Rs but also in other areas. I am extremely proud of the students and the way they have engaged in the 2018 Music Program as well of the staff and community for their support of this essential part of the Victorian Curriculum being delivered by classroom teachers.

The partnership we have with High Voltage Rock school has evolved throughout the term with the year 2 and 4 students participating in classes with the team from High Voltage. This terms work will culminate in a concert on Wednesday 28th March at 2:30 in the school gymnasium where each class will perform their “Class Band “ piece of music as well as a few special guests including our Performing Arts Leaders.

The Barwon Heads Primary School AGM was held last night where the 2017 Annual Report was presented and once ratifies by the VRQA will be shared on the school Website. Following the AGM we held our first post-election School Council meeting where the group discussed a range of agenda items including the progress of our Annual Implementation Plan, feedback from the start of the school year, highlights about learning and teaching so far this year and the development of further community connections throughout the 2018 school year.

Our community members of School Council are:

Cathy Crane – President

Jane Price – Vice President

Robert Mackie – Treasurer

Rebecca Gillett

Emma Strachan

Kate Sculley

Madeleine Bent

Danielle Smith

DET Employee members of School Council are:

George Sands

Linda Jordan

Drew Steven

Robyn Booth

Daniel Vella – Executive Officer

There are opportunities for community members to join school council as members of the available sub committees: Curriculum, Building School Community, Finance, Environment.

Committee meetings are held monthly. All committees are charged with monitoring and developing the policies that relate to each area, they are not decision makers about operations. Committees may also participate in providing thoughts, views and feedback related to ideas that are being flagged for development at a school level.

Involvement in a committee is a rewarding experience, if you would like further information please contact me directly.

Please remember that this Friday is a non-assembly week and we hope that parents will attend the Parent session at 2:45pm in the year 5/6 area;

Secondary Schools – How they Work? Transition and Adolescent Development

Leadership and Wellbeing Staff from Bellarine Secondary College will present to the BHPS Community covering areas such as:

–         Transition to Secondary School

–          Developmental phases that kids go through during adolescence

–          Challenges that students face during this time and what parents can do to support their children

Outcome: At the end of the presentation parents will have a deeper understanding of how Secondary School works and the important phases of development that your children will move through during the second half of their time in the school system.


Friday 23rd March

Parent Session – An insight into Secondary School ( Transition, Developmental Phases during adolescence, Strategies for Parents.

Wednesday 28th March

Year 2 and Year 4 Music Performance 2:30 pm in the school gymnasium

Thursday 29th March

Last Day term One – 2:30 pm finish

Saturday 31st March

Sheepwash Classic

Monday 16th April

Term 2 starts

Wednesday 18th April 

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