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This week at BHPS has again been productive and purposeful for the staff and students. In my travels throughout the classrooms this week I have witnessed many effective lessons and work produced by students that shows great improvement.

An example of this was Mrs McIntyre’s year 3B students who demonstrated the that with specific goals and targeted learning and teaching that great things can happen. In a maths unit about place value the data for the class went from a 156/625 ( 25 questions x 25 students) total questions correct to a post test result of 622/625 questions which is an amazing effort by the students.

Well Done year 3B!


As principal of the school I am accountable for the safety of the students while they are travelling to school, while they are at school and also travelling home from school.

My duty of care is to respond accordingly if there is an incident to or from school in the event a parent is unable to provide assistance where an issue occurs. An example of this is when a student may not arrive at home at the expected time after walking or riding home from school. I will inevitably get the call about this instance and respond to by taking action to find the child.

Travelling to school by walk or bike is tricky as parents send their children off to school and expect them to go to school. When a teacher marks the role, follow up about an absence is not always immediate which causes a grey area.

It has been brought to my attention that quite a number of students are stopping off at the skate park on the way to school to ride their bikes and boards at the venue.

I am drawing your attention to this to ensure that you check in with your child about their travel habits too and from school. The danger with the Skate Park stop off is that if there is an accident the child in question is in danger as they are meant to be on the way to school, that’s what most parents would be expecting I’m sure.

Added to the Skate Park Stop off, a number of students are stopping off at APCO and purchasing, lollies, sports Drinks, pies and other items to consume before they arrive.

I have discussed this with the staff at APCO who have confirmed that this does occur on a regular basis. I mention this so parents can share their expectations with their children about travelling to and from school.

On Friday 9th March we will be holding our next parent seminar.

Title: What it Takes to be an effective Bystander?

Background: This presentation is an insight into the work the school and community is doing to equip the students with a repertoire of skills to proactively manage situations or incidents that may develop into bullying. The Peer Mediators from the year 5/6 classes will be leading the session supported by Kristin Dillon and myself. This session coincides with the “Say No To Bullying” Week campaign and hopes to give you an insight into the plans being made at school to support all children.

Outcome: At the end of the presentation parents will have a clear understanding about Bystanders and what they do to support others in their community as well as how parents can be influential in assisting their children in becoming effective bystanders.



Daniel Vella



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  1. Thanks for the feedback Helen – I will be sure to pass on your feedback to the students and draw their attention to this important action that will assist in increasing safety for pedestrians.

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