School Council elections

Last week we invited people to nominate to join the School Council for 2018. We appreciate the effort people have made to engage in the process with many inquiring further about the role. We have ended up with 5 nominees for the 4 parent positions available. A blurb about each nominee is included below to assist you in making a more informed decision.  The  Ballot Papers are attached to this post or available from the front office. This is an opportunity to engage in this important task to ensure that the School Council has the correct quota of members selected by the community.

Nominees are :

Danni Smith

I am a big supporter of parent involvement at BHPS. I have been heavily involved in the local community including: Barwon Heads Kindergarten Committee (2011-2013),
Ocean Grove Barwon Heads Little Athletics Club Committee (2014-2017), Sheepwash Classic Fun Run Committee (2014-2017), Bellarine Hockey Club Committee (2018) and Barwon Health Support Cancer Centre (2018). I currently have two boys attending Barwon Heads Primary, Aston who is in grade 6 and Miller who is grade 5. My daughter Ginger, has just started secondary school. I believe in a holistic approach to education, meaning supporting your child’s emotional, psychological and physical health needs. In doing so, this will enable greater resilience and connectedness creating a strong foundation for their life long learning. Importantly, I wholeheartedly support our teachers and their work satisfaction. Happy teachers, happy children! We have a fantastic school community and I am keen to be involved more to advocate for not only my children but your children and our wonderful teachers. Many thanks for taking the time to read this.

Rob Mackie

Having joined the local community only last year we have been very impressed by the welcome our kids received from the school.  Sally and I have 3 boys: Angus (Grade 3), Tom (Grade 1) and Sam (prep in 2019).  They have settled in really well, making lots of friends and feeling very comfortable at BHPS.  Our children’s primary school plays an important role in their life and development; hence I want to see our school always being a positive, welcoming and safe place, striving to get better and make improvements, being progressive with various initiatives and programs.  I believe I can contribute to this vision.  As an engineer and senior manager who has worked in various locations around the world, I bring an openness to new ideas and concepts, a focus on continuous improvement and a belief that with committed people working as a team great outcomes result.

Elisa Scalise

My name is Elisa and my son Pietro is in grade prep.  I am interested in joining the school council because I want to contribute to fostering a positive environment for the kids at the school in any way I can. My personal philosophy is that positive home, school, and work-lives make for happier and healthier people. I was lucky to have a few really great educational experiences in my life, and if being on the council helps me pass on some of what I learned, that would be great. I’m hoping that my background as a lawyer, as well as my experience in dealing with non-profit that I lead, will enable me to contribute meaningfully in the role. I don’t take myself too seriously, but I take seriously everything that I commit myself to. I love a good laugh, and am  looking forward to working with other councilors to help make BHPS an even greater school than it is today. Thanks.

Jane Price

My name is Jane Price, and I am writing to apply for a position on the Barwon Heads Primary School Council.   I have three children Oliver, Georgie and Harvey attending Barwon Heads Primary in grades 4, 3 and Prep. We recently returned to live in Barwon Heads after spending some 5 years living abroad, and have settled back nicely into our community. During my career with Qantas as a Customer Service Manager I was involved in Company Policy Development and Implementation, training and Performance Management both on board the aircraft and in the office.  Emphasis was on the ‘big picture’ and taking ownership of challenges to deliver the best outcomes. I have a strong personal interest in both the continuing development of our School and improving the outcomes for our children. I believe with my excellent decision making and interpersonal skills, I can contribute in a positive and constructive manner to assist deliver and build on the vision of our school. Thank you for considering my application.

Kate Sculley

My name is Kate Sculley and I am the mother of Sofia in Year 1 and my eldest child Camilla was previously a student at BHPS. I am currently in my 6th year working as School Counsellor at Geelong College 4 days per week. Prior to this, my work both locally and overseas has always involved families, adolescents and children. I have worked as a Social Worker with ‘High Risk Adolescents’ in Residential Care, in Foster Care, in the Juvenile Justice system, as a School Counsellor in two Secondary Schools in Melbourne and in a Community Development role for Adolescents in Apollo Bay before settling in Barwon Heads in 2011. I have always been interested in supporting young people in their social, emotional, physical and mental wellbeing. I’ve taken a keen interest in working with families and young people in a variety of roles and settings. My work has included counselling, mediation, family reintegration, Case manager, mental health and wellbeing, loss and grief, risk assessment, policy and procedure development etc for the last 15-20 years in a variety of government, private and educational settings. I have a passion to support our local school and help to assist Barwon Heads Primary continue to be the wonderful school it is and to assist to strengthen and foster its relationships with its families, staff and the wider community in the ongoing, multifaceted ways required of a school. I believe my background and experience may bring some knowledge and understanding to the role of councillor and the opportunity to work with a committed team of people working towards the same goal would be something I’d love the opportunity to be a part of. I thank you for your consideration.


Thank you for supporting this process with your vote. We look forward to announcing the successful candidates on March 6th.


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