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Since my last Blog Post a great deal has happened at BHPS. The students continue to learn effectively in their classes with the staff working together to develop a collective responsibility for student learning.

An example of this is the workshop model being implemented in the year 6 team. Students participate in assessment tasks for particular areas of reading, writing and math that are carefully analysed and discussed by the team. This translates to workshops that the students participate in that respond to their individual needs to add value to the whole class themes/topics/strategies that are planned by the teachers within the structure of a unit of work.

This model highlights how teachers differentiate learning for our students and demonstrate responsibility for all of the students at their particular year level.

Please remember to check the WHATS ON section of the Website especially for details about the parent session about nutrition Nutrition Talk-Friday 23rd February 2017

Last week we invited people to nominate to join the School Council for 2018. I appreciate the effort people have made to engage in the process with many inquiring further about the role. We have ended up with 5 nominees for the 4 parent positions available. A blurb about each nominee will be available to you along with Ballot Papers that we encourage you to complete to support the process. This is an opportunity to engage in this important task to ensure that the School Council has the correct quota of members selected by the community..

Nominees are :

Danni Smith

Rob Mackie

Elisa Scalise

Jane Price

Kate Scully

I have included a description below that outlines the role of councilors that you can use to assist in making and informed vote.

Roles and responsibilities of the principal and the school council

Understanding the functional split between school councils and principals is critical for the effective functioning of the school council. The school council has a governance role and the principal manages the school and is responsible for ensuring the delivery of a comprehensive education program to all students. The following table shows, for each area of school activity, the roles and responsibilities of the council and the principal.


Area of activity The principal … The school council …
Curriculum ·       leads development of teaching and learning programs

·       determines teacher, subject and time allocations; timetable; class sizes; and structures

·       develops the broad direction and vision for the school using guidelines provided by the Department
Student management ·       develops a student engagement policy in consultation with school community

·       implements the student engagement and dress code policies

·       considers and, where appropriate, grants exemptions to dress code

·       manages all matters of student wellbeing, discipline and academic progress

·       develops a student dress code policy

·       consults with the school

community before adopting changes to the policy

Staff employment and management ·       is responsible (as delegate of the Secretary to the Department) for the employment and management of persons in the Teaching Service (including non-teaching staff) ·       approves employment of some staff e.g. casual

·       replacement teachers, canteen staff

·       recommends to the Secretary to the Department the appointment of a principal


Buildings and grounds ·       oversees maintenance of all facilities

·       monitors implementation of contracts

·       oversees school cleaning and in regional areas, enters into contracts for school cleaning

·       enters into contracts for building and grounds improvements


Child Safe Standards ·       implements these policies ·      develops policies as required by the Child Safe Standards

·      reviews existing contracts and ensures future contracts address the requirements of the Child Safe Standards


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