Nutrition Talk-Friday 23rd February 2017

Food essentials: good nutrition for healthy child development

This talk covers basic information about the role of nutrition in child development, and basic information about healthy eating. Simple recommendations will be provided for choosing foods for good health and to reduce the risk of longer term chronic health problems and food intolerances. This talk will also include quick tips to better understand food labels to support healthier choices.

At the end of the talk parents will know about impacts of sugar, salt and fats on child development, dietary requirements for children, common food substances that cause food intolerances. Parents will know how front of pack and back of the pack food labels can support healthy food choices.

The information session will be held this Friday 23rd February at 2.45pm. Please RSVP at the school office.

The facilitator of the talk will be a parent from the school, Katrin Engelhardt.

Katrin is a nutritional scientist and public health professional and has worked extensively with, for and in Healthy Cities in the European and Western Pacific Region.

She has lived and worked in several countries, including Germany, Austria, South Africa, Tanzania, Republic of Korea, Philippines and now Australia. Employers included local governments, national research institutes, universities and a small company. Her most recent employment was with the WHO Regional Office for the Western Pacific Region (WPRO) in Manila as a Technical Officer in the Noncommunicable Disease and Health Promotion (NHP) Unit working on issues related to urbanization and health.

She currently is a senior researcher at Deakin University. Her thematic interests are in qualitative research, urbanization and health, and urban food systems.


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