Kindness-week 3 2018

“I do and say things to make others happy”
Kindness at BHPS
We focus on kindness a few times throughout the year as it is so important in
creating empathy and positive emotions in the receiver and (even more so!) the
givers of kindness.
Why Be Kind?
Kindness is encouraged by every major religion and by a diverse range of leaders.
Kindness leads to many of the virtues which we value and desire. When we focus
on kindness, our world becomes kinder; we become kinder. Kindness can lead us
to a happier life and to making a difference.

Here are a few reasons for being kind:
Being kind feels good. Doing something for someone else really does make us feel
good. Just as running releases endorphins, so does kindness. Make someone smile and
you’ll feel better for having done so.
Kindness broadens our perspective. In order to be kind, we have to pay attention to what is happening around us. As we notice more things and help others, we get a glimpse of other ways of looking at things. A broader perspective helps us to keep things in context.
Kindness softens our heart. When we look for kind deeds, beauty, and the opportunity for kindness, we’ll find that we are more compassionate and more tolerant. As we practice empathy, it opens our heart to others.
Kindness brightens our world. When we are kind to people, it makes them happy. The more people who experience kindness from us, the more happy people will be in our lives. When those around us are happier, our world becomes a brighter, lighter place to live. Kindness helps people feel respected and less alone. By recognizing someone’s need for help and acting on it in a compassionate manner, it makes the recipient feel valued. It also makes the giver feel better about themselves and more connected.
Kindness makes people want to be around us. One of the most common responses to
kindness is gratitude. People appreciate what we’ve done for them. Our kindness is very
attractive, so they want to be around us and actually seek us out.
Kindness bears wonderful fruit. Kindness begets kindness, openness, health and reduces the effects of stress on our bodies and our hearts. Kindness begets kindness. When you are kind to others, the impact of your action doesn’t stop there. Many times the recipient of your kindness and others who see or hear about your kindness are inspired to be kinder.

The ripples of kindness are truly endless.


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