Grade 5 Term 1 Newsletter

Dear Grade 5 Parents.

Welcome back to school for 2018. We trust you have had a terrific break and are ready for another great year of learning at Barwon Heads Primary School. We are very excited for the year ahead.

POS ED: We will be starting the year with our Positive Education program.  This will involve activities to help the students settle in, build friendships and develop their sense of self and social skills.  The five key areas we will focus on are Positive Emotion, Engagement, Relationships, Mindfulness and Accomplishment.  We will continue to teach Positive Education throughout the year by focusing on the character strengths and teaching one explicitly each week.

Sun Smart: BHPS is a SunSmart school and it is expected that all students wear a broad-brimmed hat from April through to the end of September. Students who do not have a hat will need to play in the shaded areas for the duration of lunch and recess.

Diaries and Edmodo: Diaries are a fantastic means of organisation for all students in preparation for High School. It is expected that all students will bring their diary to and from school each day, as a means of recording information and relaying messages between students, parents and teachers. This year our diaries were created as part of the Barwon Estuary Project and have the amazing work of this year’s Grade 6 students.  Our Grade 5 students will also have the opportunity to participate in the project this year.

News and information will be posted onto the Edmodo app for students to access.  If students are absent this is a great way to stay in touch and see what learning has been taking place at school.

Reading: All students are expected to have a ‘good fit’ book ready to read every day at school for independent reading time.

Class Dojo:  This year the Grade 5’s will be trialling the Class Dojo app.  More information will come home soon.

Class Money:  We will be operating an educationally based ‘class’ money system. Students will earn ‘class’ money for homework tasks, classroom and school tasks and extra curricular activities. Students can then use this money at weekly auctions to purchase rewards, jobs and other educational activities.

SMART Spelling: This year we will continue with the SMART spelling program, written by literacy expert Michelle Hutchinson. Students will select their 10 spelling words from the class focus for the week.  This will include 2 of their own choice words.  The students will complete daily spelling activities and also be expected to practice their words for homework.

Sport: In Grades 5 & 6, all students will be expected to participate in 5/6 sport for an hour a week on top of Physical Education with Mrs. Kneebone. These sessions will include opportunities for students to train for team sporting events such as the lightning premiership, hoop time and T20 blast cricket. As well as this, students will also have opportunities to make connections between the grade levels, get out into the community for elective sports in term 4, and get to know all the teachers from the 5/6 team.

iPads: iPads are used daily in the classroom. Students are expected to have their iPads at school charged and ready to use every day as per the student leasing agreement. During the course of the term there will be new apps that we would like students to download, these will be given in advance and will always be free apps unless otherwise stated. A note will be sent home to parents before an app is needed in order for parents to approve and download the app.

Leadership: Grades 5 & 6 are very much considered the senior areas of the school and as such, students are encouraged to think about what it takes to be a good leader. Students are encouraged to consistently show initiative and responsibility. Students are also reminded often of their responsibilities with regard to modelling appropriate behaviour and attitude to younger students, wearing correct school uniform and representing their school accordingly.

Conferencing:  Conferencing with students continues to be a very worthwhile and valued process. Teachers and students will continue working together to establish individual goals in the areas of literacy, numeracy and personal skills. All students will have goals set in these areas and will be able to share these with you in a few weeks.

Integrated learning:  This year our students will be learning about a new topic each term.  These units will be integrated into the curriculum as well as specific lessons each week.  This year our topics are

Term 1: Ethics and Emotions

Term 2: Museums in Motion

Term 3: The Journey to Discovery

Term 4: Data and Decisions

Camp: Grade 5 camp will be held from Oct 31st – Nov 2nd at Cave Hill Creek near Beaufort. This camp links to leadership and Indigenous aspects of our curriculum as well as lots of fun and challenges.  

Uniforms: All students are expected to be in school uniform at all times. If there is any reason for a student being out of school uniform a note must be provided.

Continued learning at home: Standard homework will consist of independent reading, Writer’s Notebook writing, Mathletics activities, SMART spelling and a variety of other activities to support our learning in class. Students will also receive projects and tasks based on topics covered in class as the year progresses. Students will record their weekly homework in their diaries. Homework is designed to support what is learned at school and as such does not usually include new work. From time to time unfinished work may be sent home for completion.

COMPASS: Please be reminded to regularly log onto Compass school manager and make use of the number of functions that are available to you such as viewing attendance data for your child, event notifications, access to your child’s semester reports, access to the Newsletter, regular reminders from the school and communication to and from your child’s teacher.

Live Reporting: Live reporting will continue across the whole of BHPS in 2018, in the form of Learning Tasks uploaded to COMPASS. Each student will submit at least 5 learning tasks throughout each term, which are accessible through COMPASS. Parents are reminded to check on these tasks regularly.

We are looking forward to getting to know all of the Grade 5 students and families this year and having a fun and productive year.  Please feel free to contact us at any time should you have any queries or concerns (big or small) to organise a time to meet.  Email is a great way to communicate with us.


Grade 5 teachers: Linda, Luke and Kate




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