Grade 4 Term 1 Newsletter

Dear Parents,

Welcome back! We hope you had a great holiday break and are ready to settle in to another year at BHPS. All grades in the school are launching the year with the ‘Starting Right’ transition program. In the first weeks of the year we will be completing a variety of “Positive Education” activities to help the students settle in, get to know each other, build friendships and further develop their social skills. We are looking forward to a wonderful year of learning with the students in grade four.

Positive Education- Over the past few years we have been building our ‘Positive Education’ program at BHPS. We will continue to focus on the 24 character strengths and growth mindset this year. We expect the values of the character strengths to shine through not only in class activities but during recess, lunch and outside of school. We have high expectations regarding this to ensure our students remain respectful, happy and resilient at all times.

1:1 iPad Program- In order for BYOD iPads (grade four students) to be able to connect our school network (i.e access the internet) they require a special certificate to be installed. This process may take a few days as it is a lengthy process to individually install the certificate on each grade four iPad, so it is necessary for all iPads to be at school. We have sent home the required apps that need to be downloaded by this Friday. There seems to be a couple of apps that have been updated and now require payment. You do not have to purchase these apps, we will find an alternative ASAP. If you have any questions about the iPad program, please don’t hesitate in contacting your child’s teacher. As part of the IPAD program students will learn about digital footprints, protecting privacy, ‘netiquette’, balancing screen time and more.

HATS- As we are a sun smart school, all students are required to wear hats from September to April. Students without a hat are required to sit in a designated shaded area at recess and lunch.

WATER BOTTLES- We encourage students to drink water regularly at school to stay hydrated. Please send along a bottle of water with your child each day.

PENCIL CASES- Students need to have a pencil case that remains at school. The pencil cases need to be able to fit neatly into students’ tubs.

TISSUES- It would be wonderful if students could each bring in a box of tissues for our classroom. Thank you.

BRAIN FOOD- Students are welcome to bring some fruit or vegetables as a snack to eat during learning time. Teacher’s will advise when this food can be eaten. A reminder that this needs to be a quick and easy item that can be held in one hand.

DIARIES- Students will soon be issued with diaries, which they will need to take to and from school daily. They will be stored in a waterproof pocket along with their reading material. The diaries will serve to assist the students in the development of their organisational skills, as a reading record and as a communication book with your child’s teacher.

FOOD IN THE CLASSROOM- As you will recall from previous years, we ask that you please avoid sending along food to share with the class, such as birthday treats. Thank you for your cooperation with this. Sometimes teachers will use food to enhance a learning experience please find attached a copy of the permission slip you will need to sign for your child to participate in these types of activities.

HOME READING PROGRAM- Next week, we will begin our formal home reading program with students expected to read at home regularly (at least four times per week). Students receive house points for reading (at least) four times weekly when they record their reading at home and have it signed by a parent. Your child needs to be responsible for recording their daily reading in their diary. I would really appreciate your continued support in this valuable program by listening to your child read and/or discussing and questioning them about what they have read and signing their diary.  Students may read books from home, the library or take home readers from school. I will go through this with the students. Classroom reading activities will focus on improving oral reading, expanding their vocabulary and further developing higher order comprehension skills.

SPELLING AND WORD STUDY- This year, all grades at BHPS will be launching a new approach to spelling and word study. We will focus on a different spelling pattern each week and students will bring home some self-selected words related to the classroom spelling focus. Practise spelling words three times a week at home prior to the weekly spelling test.

MATHLETICS- Students will again be using Mathletics this year and passwords will be issued soon. We are encouraging students to access Mathletics at home for at least 30 minutes each week. Mathletics is a great way for students to practise and consolidate the important skills and concepts we cover in our maths lessons each week.

PARENT SHARING SESSIONS- Parent sharing sessions will take place in week three. This is an opportunity for parents to hand over any relevant information about their child to the classroom teacher. Students do not need to attend this meeting. Please log in to compass to book a time with your child’s teacher.

LOOKING AHEAD- This term, grade four students will be attending Ocean Awareness Swimming Sessions. The first session is held this Thursday the 8th of February. The second session is optional and held next Thursday 15th of February. We will also be attending the Andy Griffths ‘The 78- Story Treehouse’ Production and GPAC on March 2nd.

Specialist Timetable – This term grade four students will enjoy Art, Physical Education, Library and Science each week. They will also be involved in Cultural studies and music over the year.

Specialist Timetable
Monday Library
Wednesday Science
Thursday P.E and 3/4 Sport
Friday Art and Indonesian


  • Students should bring a library bag to protect the books they borrow. Every student will be expected to borrow books each week to support our classroom reading program.
  • Students need to wear appropriate footwear for PE sessions and also on Thursdays when we will take part in grade four sport.

EDMODO- Edmodo is an application that will be used in a variety of ways throughout the year. Mainly as a tool for students to receive learning materials digitally for lessons. An exciting feature of the Edmodo APP is the ability to include parents to their child’s account. Please look out for the information to help you sign-up. (Smart Phone and Internet compatible)

Regards Level 4 Team

4A Ruby Campbell

4B Felicity Backwell

4C Drew Steven  


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