Grade 2 Term 1 Newsletter

Welcome back to school! We welcome our new families and we look forward to you being a part of our wonderful school community.

Take-Home Readers- Your child has selected 5 ‘good fit’ books this week. Each day, they will change their book to take home. Their reader pouch needs to accompany them to school every day. We would really appreciate it if books can be read and recorded each night in their diary. Many thanks for your support in this.

SMART Spelling- You child has received their first list of spelling words. These words are chosen by your child as ‘good fit’ words from our weekly spelling list. Students need to keep their spelling list inside their pouch.

Diaries – Your child has received a student diary. Each night, please record you child’s reading in the diary. If you need to write a brief message to your child’s teacher, please let you child know so they can show us the diary. Alternatively, please send an email/dojo message or come in and see us!

Brain Food- Students are encouraged to bring along fruit or vegetables that will be eaten during the morning session (no nuts please)! Students will only have 5-10 minutes to eat their brain food so something small such as grapes, carrot sticks or a couple of pieces of apple might be enough. We encourage natural, unprocessed food as this assists with maintaining concentration. Your child also needs to have a drink bottle at school.


Literacy- This term students will be focusing on their individual learning goals as well as strategies to assist their reading. In Writer’s Notebook we will explore the 6 Traits of Writing: Ideas, Organisation, Voice, Word Choice, Sentence Fluency and Conventions.

Numeracy- This term we will be focusing on counting, place value, addition, subtraction and measurement.

Integrated Studies- Our inquiry unit this term will cover the ‘Positive Education’ program which focuses on 24 Character Strengths. We will also explore the concept of ‘Places and Spaces’ in our community.

Class Dojo- Thank you for taking the time to sign-up with Class Dojo. It’s a great way to keep up to date regarding your child’s learning and behaviour at school. You will also receive reminders about upcoming events throughout the year.

Starting Right Interviews – Just a reminder to please log on to Compass to book an interview time with your child’s teacher for next week. We look forward to the sharing the important information about your child.

Specialist Activities – Please send a clearly named art smock and library bag to school as soon as possible. Also, we would really appreciate it if you could send your child to school with a box of tissues for their classroom over the next week or so.

Specialist Timetable

PE (Mrs Kneebone)   2A/C     2B
CULTURAL STUDIES (April Jackson)   2A/B/C      
ART (Mr Phillips)   2B/C     2A
SCIENCE (Mrs Olsen)   2A/B     2C
LIBRARY (Ms Browne) 2B/C     2A  
MUSIC (High Voltage Rock School)         2A/B/C

Sustainability- Sustainability will be a focus for the Grade 2’s in 2018. We will be exploring and working in our garden and learning about healthy food. We will also be learning more about Barwon Heads and all the amazing plants and animals that live in it. In March we will be visiting the Lobster Pot to find out about what lives in the rockpools. To celebrate Festival of the Sea we will be doing a rockpool ramble! We are also looking for a group of parents who are willing to commit to around an hour a week to work in the garden. This will include cooking, looking after the worm farms and the compost bins. We are also looking for help in setting up our chicken coop. If anyone has skills in this area please let us know!

Please feel free to speak to any of us if you would like more detailed information.

Our email addresses are:

2A – Mrs Aimee Blake:        

2B – Mr John Burdess:           

2C – Miss Lauren McManus:

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