Grade 1 Term 1 Newsletter

Dear Parents,
Welcome back to school for 2018. The grade one students are settling into the daily routine of their classrooms very well. All the grades in the school are launching the year with a ‘Pos Ed’ program focus. This week we have completed a variety of activities based on some of the 24 Character Strengths to help the students settle in, get to know each other, build friendships and further develop their social skills. We are looking forward to a wonderful year of learning with the students in grade one.
The grade one teachers will provide parents and students with regular feedback based on learning tasks that are completed in the classroom throughout the term. Teachers will assess students based on specific criteria and provide written comments (areas of success and areas for improvement) several times each term. Parents will be able to log onto Compass at any time to read these comments as soon as they are published. Parents will also be encouraged to submit feedback based on their children’s work on Compass. At the end of each semester, teachers will continue to provide Progression Points for all curriculum areas and a general comment for each student. Please read the school newsletter each Thursday for further updates and key information regarding our
2018 reporting program.
Please remember that we are a sun smart school and it is expected that students will wear hats every day from September through to and including April. They are also encouraged to bring their own sunscreen to school to apply before snack and lunch times. Students who do not have a hat can only play in the designated shade area.
Due to many children at our school having allergies, we would like to kindly ask that the children refrain from bringing any nut products in their lunch boxes to school. Thank you for your support with this.
This term our SOSE topic is ‘Identity’. The essential questions are: How can I make sure I’m always safe? What foods are healthy to eat? How have I changed and how will I change? How can I express my emotions clearly and deal with conflict? Your children will learn about staying safe and taking responsible risks, healthy food, expressing their emotions clearly, and dealing with conflict. They will consider how they have changed in their life and reflect on the things that they will be able to
do in the future.
We have a whole school approach to spelling which is the SMART spelling program. In the coming weeks, students’ will receive a list of spelling words. They are to be kept in their take home reader bags; this should go home with them each night and be at school every day. We encourage students to practice their words at home at least three times per week to prepare for our weekly
spelling tests.
We will be using Mathletics in the classroom to support our numeracy program. Using Mathletics is a great way for students to reinforce the concepts we focus on each week in class. Students’ Mathletics passwords will be distributed to the children in the coming weeks. We ask that they glue them in the front of their diaries.
Students will take five books home each week. We ask students to read these five books over and over throughout the week to develop their accuracy, comprehension, fluency, expression and many other reading strategies. The books that come home will be slightly below students’ instructional level which means the books shouldn’t be too challenging for them.
Students are expected to:
– Read at least five times each week, record it in their diaries and have it signed by a parent.
– Practice their spelling words at least 3 times a week at home.
Students are encouraged to:
– Use Mathletics each week.
We are aware that some students may not have internet access at home, therefore Mathletics is
not compulsory, simply encouraged.
We are hoping that student diaries will be sent home in the next couple of weeks.

1A Specialist Timetable – Ms Kate Strong
Monday Science
Tuesday Art
Thursday PE and Library
1B Specialist Timetable – Miss Sarah Dodds
Monday Art
Tuesday PE
Thursday Science and Library
1C Specialist Timetable – Mr Ned Wallis/Mrs Jane Brown
Monday PE and Library
Tuesday Science
Thursday Art

Assembly will take place every second Friday afternoon at 3pm. Every other Friday afternoon is when students will participate in the music program either with their class teachers or with High Voltage Rock School.
This year, students will undertake Cultural Studies instead of Indonesian and these sessions will happen every second Tuesday with Mrs April Jackson.
Please note that when specialists are timetabled for the last hour of the day, your children will depart school from the specialists’ classrooms.
**These timetables will change during swimming program and other key events throughout the year.
Students are expected to have a library bag and borrow every week. We will be monitoring this carefully to ensure students are regularly borrowing “good fit” books from the library.
Students are expected to have an art smock for their weekly art classes. Each classroom will have a tub where the children can store their smocks. Please make sure your child brings their art smock in the next couple of weeks.
We ask that you please avoid sending along food to share with the class, such as birthday treats. Thank you for your cooperation with this. Students have a brain food snack during the literacy block each day where they are encouraged to bring a piece of fruit or small container with fruit or
vegetables to eat.
Could you please send your child to school with a box of tissues for our classroom? Students will receive house points as a reward. Thank you in advance!
As part of our writing program this year each student will be involved in Writing Workshops where they will create a variety of writing pieces across a range of genres and text types. To facilitate writing each student will use a Writer’s Notebook. This special book will be used to record their  ideas, opinions, thoughts, and experiences. Next week students will be given the opportunity to decorate their notebook in their own unique way. We will be encouraging them to bring photos, pictures, old books and magazines, which relate to their interests. They will then use these to cover
their books.
We will be inviting parents/guardians to come and support students in the classroom. We will begin our parent helper program in term two, once the children have settled into their new grades. A note will be sent home to confirm your availability should you wish to assist in your child’s classroom.

We look forward to working with you and your child this year. Please feel free to contact us
Kind Regards,
Grade One team
Kate Strong, Sarah Dodds, Ned Wallis and Jane Brown

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