From Daniel’s Desk

To the School Community,

A short message to thank you for a wonderful year at BHPS! I hope that your children leave with fond memories, friendships and a positive experience of their 2017 school year.

The students at our school should be commended for their ability to show the character strengths in all areas of the school.

In my time as an educator I say with confidence that I have not been more impressed by a group of students. There are nearly 500 students at our school and the way that they interact with each other as a group is exceptional. When there are bumps in the road, with support, they always find a way through by being open minded, forgiving and applying a growth mindset. I am grateful for this and have immense pride and confidence in the children at this school.

Jupiter came out on top in this year’s sports day but as an event it was a pleasure to see so many students enjoying the experience. I hope that next year’s House Captains:

Saturn: Greta, Ava, Aston and Billy

Mercury: Hazel, Indy, Taj Don and Zane

Neptune: Lily, Tess, Flynn W and Jack

Jupiter: Liv, Ginger. Ethan and Remy

Will show the same enthusiasm as their predecessors. I look forward to working with them next year.

Please look out for 2 important notes providing information about:

  1. The Water Education Program at our school next year replacing the current model for swimming currently running at the school.
  2. The Parent Partners Program ( We are still looking for someone to step up for the 2018 year 2’s

Have a wonderful break – I look forward to school returning in 2018.


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